Prostitution in Israel


A reader wrote us regarding her unpleasant findings in Israel. We felt it important to alert you to her well founded sentiments, in hopes that those in power will correct and sanctify the Jewish people.


"Dear Rabbi: I recently came back from my first trip to Israel. I was there for 3 weeks. It was exciting and heart breaking. I just read your article "God's Land without God". I couldn't agree more.

I have been practicing Judaism for 7 years though I have not converted because there is no shul in my area. But I read the Torah portions regularly and adhere to as much as I understand. Each day I am given more insight and I try to obey as much as I can.

We lost our return tickets and had to go to Tel Aviv to the Delta office and afterward ended up in a bad part of Tel Aviv. It actually was the 'red light' district. We asked about this area and found out that Israel has legalized prostitution in this area. There also have been five suicide bombings in this same area. I wonder why? I can't tell you how grieved I was to see such a horrible thing in God's holy land and using his holy language. I have many friends that have the misconception that Jews are holy people because the Torah says they are suppose to be, but once they meet some of them, they are very disappointed by what they find. It was even more grievous to find out that many orthodox men go to these prostitutes. I saw an orthodox man walking down the street. He had his tzitzit tucked into his pant pockets. If this is the case, these men are going to be taking aids home to their wives. What is going to happen when these people begin to die off leaving all there children orphans? You can't play with sexual sin and not have serious consequences, especially if you dress yourself up in certain garb to proclaim "greater religiosity".

We went to Netanya one Sat. night after Shabbat and turned down a wrong street as we walked looking for our car. We ended up in the same type of neighborhood. I was appalled by what I saw and felt as I walked down that street. How can they allow this horrible thing to happen? They looked mostly like Russians from the little bit I saw. Girls hanging out the doorways. Then we saw a commercial on the TV advertising a number, for women to call to leave prostitution. We couldn't understand what was being said but the pictures described the story. If they make ads like that why don't they outlaw this all together? It can be done you know.

America is an immoral place, but in Israel I saw women who dressed much more indecently than anywhere in the USA, and I lived in Hollywood CA for a long time.

My prayer is that your article will be taken to heart by anyone that reads it and t'shuva will be the byword of many living in that wonderful and set apart land. It's a hard thing to be called out to be his people but He will give His ability to those who want to truly represent Him. Thank you for taking the time to read this."