Rambam Mesivta Rally:

Protesting Nazi Underground Hiding in Queens




November 9th, 1938 - The Nazis unleashed a night of terror against their Jewish citizens in a dramatic inception of the Holocaust known as Kristallnacht, the night of broken glass. That night, synagogues were desecrated and set aflame, and Jewish institutions and businesses were ransacked. Hitler, emboldened by the fact that no one pressured him to stop, began implementing his notorious plan laid out in Mein Kampf – calling for the extermination of the Jewish race.

November 9th 2005 - 200 Students and faculty members of Rambam Mesivta High School descended upon the homes of Jakiw Palij and Jaroslaw Bilaniuk, both residents of Queens to protest their continued presence in the United States despite rulings in federal courts calling for their deportation for serving as “cogs” in the Nazi killing machine and “directly contributing” to the slaughter of Jews at the hand of the Nazis.

Both Palij and Bilaniuk served as guards at the notorious Tranwiki labor camp, a training ground for Nazi Brutality. In fact, 62 years ago last week, the Tranwiki guards participated in the murder of 6,000 Tranwiki Jews on November 3rd and 4th, 1943 and the eventual liquidation of the Warsaw ghetto.  

Busloads of students arrived at Palij’s house at 1:30 PM chanting, “No S.S. In the US,” “Just get out” while waiving placards demanding his immediate deportation.  

“Based on the evidence so painstakingly compiled by O.S.I. under the directorship of Eli Rosenbaum, ‘It seems clear that these are monsters who killed Jews together, lied together, lived together and continue to conspire together. They must both be brought to justice together and be removed from the US,’” said rally organizer Rabbi Zev Friedman.  

Students then headed to Bilaniuk’s house to assemble once again in order to send him a clear message that his crimes have not been forgotten and to support the US government’s case that he be removed from the United States.






(Complete Documents available upon request)


 “The Trawniki Training Camp trained men to serve as guard auxiliaries for all aspects of Operation Reinhard, the Nazis’ effort to murder Jews in Poland.”

“The men trained at Trawniki were essential to the implementation of Operation Reinhard.”

“Operation Reinhard was the Nazi program to dispossess, exploit, and murder Jews in Poland.”

“As part of Operation Reinhard, the minority of Jews not immediately put to death were imprisoned in slave labor camps.”

“In the course of Operation Reinhard, approximately 1.7 million Jewish adults and children were murdered.”

“Defendant (Bilaniuk) a Trawniki-trained guard during World War II”

“Defendant (Bilaniuk) traveled to Trawniki with Jakiw Palij”

“Defendant (Bilaniuk)’s Trawniki identification number 3504 was part of a block of numbers assigned on February 13, 1943, to recruits from Galicia. .Jakiw Palij, also from Piadyki, was assigned Trawniki identification number 3505.”

“As a member of Trawniki’s Guard Forces, Defendant (Bilaniuk) participated in the implementation of Operation Reinhard.”

“On November 3-4, 1943, virtually all of the Jewish prisoners at SS Labor Camp Trawniki – men, women and children – as well as those at most of the other forced-labor camps in Lublin district, were murdered.  This slaughter -- carried out under the code name “Operation Harvest Festival” -- marked the successful conclusion of Operation Reinhard.”

“Defendant (Bilaniuk) is identified on four German-created rosters of the Streibel Battalion’s First Company by his name, rank, and Trawniki identification number.”

“Also listed on the rosters as serving in the Streibel Battalion with Defendant(Bilaniuk)  were fellow Trawniki guards Jakiw Palij and Bronislaw Hajda”

“Defendant (Bilaniuk) applied for displaced person status on the same day in the same location as Jakiw Palij.”

“Defendant (Bilaniuk) represented to the DPC that he worked as a “joiner” in a shop in Kolomyya, Poland, from 1937 until June 1941”

“That information was knowingly false.”

“Palij also represented to the DPC that he had been in Piadyki until June 1944, when he left to work as a farmer on a farm in Koeditz, Germany.”

“That information was knowingly false.”

“Jakiw Palij, applied for a visa application in the same office on the same day as Defendant (Bilaniuk).”

“On March 22, 1957, he submitted an Application to File Petition for Naturalization.”

“Jakiw Palij also submitted an Application to File Petition for Naturalization on the same day”

“After entering the country, Defendant (Bilaniuk) and Palij lived together at 423 East 5th Street, New York, N.Y.”

“On April 30, 1960, Jakiw Palij married Maria Turczan in St. George’s Ukrainian Catholic Church in New York City and Defendant (Bilaniuk) served as a witness at Palij’s wedding.

“When Defendant (Bilaniuk) was deposed in connection with the Palij case in 2003, he recited Palij’s address and telephone number from memory.”

“Palij’s name and telephone number appears in Defendant (Bilaniuk)’s address book.”