Were the Plagues Caused by Nature?
Moshe Ben-Chaim
Reader: A while ago, Time magazine published an article claiming that the plagues in Egypt were caused by natural occurrences. I am on an E-list with lost Jews and I wish to refute this. Are you aware of any site/article which I can post? I have been looking all over and cannot find what I need. I would appreciate any help you can give me. Thank you.
Mesora: If you request affirmation by plague-critics from the Biblical accounts in their own Bibles, they will not be able to explain such miracles naturally. God created hail mixed with fire. The waters of the Red Sea "piled like heaps" are also described as "walls on their right and their left". Regarding the Death of Firstborns, how can this be explained naturally,...a plague against bodies, but not based not on genetics, germs or cell damage, but on the order of one's birth? This is equivalent to saying that of a nation, only those wearing red strings will die. There is no biological connection between red strings and death. So too, there is no biological connection between one's order of birth and this sudden plague. This is certainly a Divine phenomena.

Each plague happened exactly as Moses predicted, and precisely when forecasted. How could a man predict that frogs will engulf a city, or that lice, locusts, hail, darkness, blood, beasts, boils, and all the rest will occur when he says, and as he says? The only explanation is that the Creator of all natural law intervened and altered these laws, what we refer to as a "miracle".