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NEW! Secrets of the Bible (March 2016)
Rabbi Moshe Ben-Chaim (31 chapters; 300 pgs)

Paperback & Kindle

The Bible is God's word, containing the same design, brilliance and depth as the universe. It is not merely a book of history and laws. God conceals and reveals brilliant insights with His system of clues, repeated words, apparent contradictions and Biblical patterns. We detect questions, directing us to secrets and insights unseen on the surface. Rabbi Moshe Ben-Chaim makes every Bible chapter an exciting exploration into a hidden world of ideas. This book illustrates the Biblical method and shares amazing insights. You never read a book like this.

From Genesis through Deuteronomy and the Rabbis, we discover the Bible's patterns of clues that reveal amazing truths.

NEW! The Bible: God's Only Religion (Dec. 2015)
Rabbi Moshe Ben-Chaim (77 chapters; 282 pgs)

Paperback & Kindle

4 years in the making, The Bible: God's Only Religion addresses core issues. Religions conflict; they all can’t be God’s word. God gave only one of them. Which one?
In our new book, the author shows how the Torah (Bible) is proven as God’s only religion and precisely how others are lies. He shares the brilliance of the Torah as compared to all other religions.

The author asks the crucial questions we each need to answer.

Fundamentals (25 chapters)
False Religions (19 chapters)
Torah's Brilliance (31 chapters)
Reference (2 chapters)


Judaism: Religion of Reason (Aug. 2011)
Rabbi Moshe Ben-Chaim (100 chapters; 418 pgs)

Paperback & Kindle

10 years in the making,Religion of Reason is a thorough treatment of Judaism's fundamentals, unveiling the unique design and brilliant reasoning method of the Torah. This work covers the spectrum of Talmudic metaphor, Parsha, decoding the Torah's cryptic style, hints and messages, human perfection, and exposing the fallacy of popular mystical and kabbalistic deviations. Also included are translations of Maimonides' and Ramban's philosophical writings.

Fundamentals (35 pages)
Method & Metaphor (39 pages)
Human Nature (18 pages)
False Notions (30 pages)
Providence and Justice (30 pages)
Mitzvah & Perfection (88 pages)
(16 pages)