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NEW! Pirkei Avos (Book series)
Rabbi Israel Chait



Throughout the 1980s, Rabbi Israel Chait gave 130 lectures on Pirkei Avos. These lectures were recently transcribed verbatim from the original audio and edited. Rabbi Chait unveiled volumes of astonishing insights into the Rabbis’ commentaries on the Mishnaic Sages, including Maimonides, Rashi and Rabbeinu Yona. The ideas contained in this series of books are marvels of wisdom; fundamental on our path towards human perfection, which must not be passed up.


Judaism: Religion of Reason(Aug. 2011)
Rabbi Moshe Ben-Chaim (100 chapters; 418 pgs)

Paperback & Kindle

10 years in the making,Religion of Reason is a thorough treatment of Judaism's fundamentals, unveiling the unique design and brilliant reasoning method of the Torah. This work covers the spectrum of Talmudic metaphor, Parsha, decoding the Torah's cryptic style, hints and messages, human perfection, and exposing the fallacy of popular mystical and kabbalistic deviations. Also included are translations of Maimonides' and Ramban's philosophical writings.

Fundamentals (35 pages)
Method & Metaphor (39 pages)
Human Nature (18 pages)
False Notions (30 pages)
Providence and Justice (30 pages)
Mitzvah & Perfection (88 pages)
(16 pages)

The Bible: God's Only Religion(Dec. 2015)
Rabbi Moshe Ben-Chaim (77 chapters; 282 pgs)

Paperback & Kindle

4 years in the making, The Bible: God's Only Religion addresses core issues. Religions conflict; they all can’t be God’s word. God gave only one of them. Which one?
In our new book, the author shows how the Torah (Bible) is proven as God’s only religion and precisely how others are lies. He shares the brilliance of the Torah as compared to all other religions.

The author asks the crucial questions we each need to answer.

Fundamentals (25 chapters)
False Religions (19 chapters)
Torah's Brilliance (31 chapters)
Reference (2 chapters)


Iyove (June 2017)
Rabbi Israel Chait (160 pages)

Rabbi Israel Chait’s lectures on the book of Iyove (Job). The lectures were given in the 1970s. Rabbi Chait stated, “Sefer Iyove may be summed up as an account of a man who was perfect in all areas, except for his philosophy, regressing from one level to the next.” Despite his perfectly righteous life and abstention from all sin, Iyove suffered severe tragedies and acute pain. Iyove knew he did not sin. He discussed his pains and questions on God’s justice with his three friends, Bildad, Tzofar and Eliphaz. Each offered their own explanation for his tragedies, from the theory of compensation, ignorance of God’s ways, and punishment. Iyove rejected all three views. He accused his friends of siding with God, fearful of accepting Iyove’s questions as valid. He described his physical and mental anguish, including his sadness at the loss of his friends through their refusal to accept his words as true. Elihu, a fourth friend, provided Iyove with a new view. Iyove then realized his philosophy was incorrect. Accepting Elihu’s words as truth, he raised his intelligence, and only then, God addressed him. Iyove finally admitted his error and affirmed God’s righteousness, which previously he questioned. God returned Iyove’s health, success and family to a level greater than his beginning. The book of Iyove explores the difficult question of why a good man suffers, presenting many views still held today, Iyove’s analysis of those views, his reasons for rejecting them, and finally, God’s view on the subject. Maimonides’ words on Iyove, reprinted herein verbatim from his Guide for the Perplexed, direct our minds to the clues of the enigmatic portions of this book.

Koheles (June 2017)
Rabbi Israel Chait (190 pages)

In the 1970s, Rabbi Chait presented a thorough and insightful analysis of Koheles’ first chapter, comprising Part I of this book. In 1986 and 1987 Rabbi Chait gave a series of lectures covering many of Koheles’ remaining chapters, comprising Parts II, III and IV. Rabbi Chait deciphers King Solomon’s expressions, lessons, metaphors and surface contradictions. He enlightens us to the myriad of conscious fantasies, the unconscious, frustrations, conflicts, values, ambitions and attitudes confronting man in his quest for a fulfilling life. What role does the fantasy of immortality play in human ambition? King Solomon unveiled the many recesses of man’s psychological dynamics, hidden from most people. The reader will be amazed at King Solomon’s genius. As a prophet gifted with Divine knowledge earning the Rabbis’ praise as the wisest man ever next to Moses, we are offered the singular opportunity of joining King Solomon in witnessing God’s wisdom. The king desired to share his wisdom with all others, to help us all understand which life path and choices will secure true happiness, and avoid grief and misfortune. But as he wrote in metaphor and in apparent contradictions, his words require the greatest attention and sensitivity. Rabbi Chait’s lectures on Koheles offer us a unique and valuable opportunity to learn how to guide our lives not only as followers of Torah, but as human beings.

NEW! Eternally Yours (Dec. 2017)
Rabbi Reuven Mann (205 pgs)

Exodus is most fascinating. It describes the formation of the Jewish nation: from Pharaoh, to the Jews’ miraculous redemption, and Revelation on Mt. Sinai. There is deep wisdom beneath the surface which enlightens our lives. I analyze the emotional forces and offer new insights into human psychology and provide insight into anti-Semitism: important lessons for confronting this problem today. I hope this book enhances the reader’s appreciation of the Bible and regards it as a source of enlightenment, enjoyment and inspiration. While it is written from the perspective of an Orthodox Rabbi, I believe people of all faiths and backgrounds will find it useful and gratifying. It contains no religious preaching, only a search for and analysis of, the eternal wisdom of Exodus.

Secrets of the Bible (March 2016)
Rabbi Moshe Ben-Chaim (31 chapters; 300 pgs)

Paperback & Kindle

The Bible is God's word, containing the same design, brilliance and depth as the universe. It is not merely a book of history and laws. God conceals and reveals brilliant insights with His system of clues, repeated words, apparent contradictions and Biblical patterns. We detect questions, directing us to secrets and insights unseen on the surface. Rabbi Moshe Ben-Chaim makes every Bible chapter an exciting exploration into a hidden world of ideas. This book illustrates the Biblical method and shares amazing insights. You never read a book like this.

From Genesis through Deuteronomy and the Rabbis, we discover the Bible's patterns of clues that reveal amazing truths.

Segredos da Biblia (March 2017)
Rabino Moshe Ben-Chaim (31 capítulos; 300 páginas)

Livro de bolso

A Bíblia é a palavra de Deus, contendo o mesmo design, brilho e profundidade do universo. Não é apenas um livro de história e leis. Deus esconde e revela insights brilhantes com o Seu sistema de pistas, palavras repetidas, aparentes contradições e padrões bíblicos. Detectamos perguntas, direcionando-nos a segredos e insights invisíveis na superfície. O rabino Moshe Ben-Chaim faz de cada capítulo da Bíblia uma emocionante exploração de um mundo oculto de idéias. Este livro ilustra o método bíblico e compartilha percepções surpreendentes. Você nunca leu um livro como esse.

De Gênesis a Deuteronômio e os Rabinos, descobrimos os padrões de pistas da Bíblia que revelam verdades surpreendentes.