The Bigger Lie


Moshe Ben-Chaim



(The following is response sent to the Forward following its article on Rabbi Avi Weissí hosting of Cardinals to engage his Torah students in dialogue)



ďAny Gentile who engages in Torah is akin to the Jewish High PriestĒ. (Bab. Talmud)To offer this opportunity to Gentiles, Jews must accurately present Godís Torah: a gross failure of Rabbi Avi Weiss, dean of Chovevei Torah.

As reported in ďCardinals Study With Orthodox StudentsĒ (March 31, 2006) Rabbi Avi Weiss organized theological discussions between Catholic clerics and orthodox yeshiva students, lying to Gentile and Jew. Unlike blind faith religions, Judaism is a proof-based system: claims of Divine inspiration must be proven, while Catholic notions of human deification, and the murder of God, are dismissed due to their impossible nature, just as any impossibility in science is dismissed. Faith-based religions share no commonalities with Judaism, explaining why Judaismís great minds like Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik and Rabbi Moshe Feinstein ztíl prohibited interfaith dialogue. This is not due to animosity towards peoples: Judaism takes issue with theories, not individuals. As other religions possess no proof of Divine inspiration, while God revealed Himself at Sinai to over two million Jews, Judaism remains validated as the only God-given religion. Hence, interfaith dialogue is prohibited since there is no other religion, which may share Godís word with us: as they are bereft of Godís prophecies, dialogue is therefore meaningless.

Rabbi Weiss does not represent Judaism: he duped all attendees that Judaism recognizes Catholicismís Divinity by allowing student Michael Katzman and bishop Guy de Kerimel to interpret New Testament passages; and he encouraged his orthodox Jewish studentsí ďchorus of mazel tovsĒ for Jean-Pierre Ricardís promotion from bishop...thereby celebrating idolatry, Judaismís worst sin.

In design, a Jew is no greater than a Gentile: our greatest kings and our messiah descend from the Gentile Ruth. However, history proves God gave only one religion, and made only one mankind: we all descend from that first couple in Eden. However, it was Abraham alone who recognized and taught monotheism: that God is not subject to His created Earthly phenomena, like trinities, ignorance and changing His mind concerning religions, and His death. This is why God entrusted Abraham and his seed from Israel to receive and teach His Torah to Jew and Gentile alike. Those like Rabbi Weiss professing acceptance of alien religions deny Godís will, and fool others into believing that world religions are also Divinely inspired: an evil to Gentile and Jew alike.

When Rabbis no longer seek recognition from mand-made religions, or photo ops with their leaders, but instead, unabashedly help those religionists to understand their flaws, and the true proofs and science of Judaism, the nations will be in awe of Torah, as much as they are in awe of the cosmos: both equally displaying Godís infinite wisdom, not so of man-made religions like Catholicism. But until that point, those like Rabbi Weiss keep Gentiles in the dark, and the nations will see nothing but a Judaism denouncing their man-god, without reason, condemning us to sustained anti-Semitism. If only Jewish leaders would no longer hide Torahís rational refutations of other religions, displaying the perfection of our laws, all peoples would echo todayís intelligent Noachides, and claim, ďTruly, what a wise and understanding people is the great nation.Ē (Deut. IV)



Rabbi Moshe Ben-Chaim, founder