Day 6: God Created Man

Moshe Ben-Chaim

Reader: Shalom R' Moshe,

Your sincerity and humility in reaching out to us Noachides is very rare and I deeply appreciate it. I am especially moved when you mentioned that "your duty is to make Torah accessible to non-Jews, and if the tables were turned and you were born a non-Jew, you would expect the same to be done for you". I must say that I have not heard anything like this from any rabbi before.

My experience with Chabad is a sharp contrast! After I came to know Torah truth and repented of my idolatrous religion, I have been searching high and low for rabbis, in fact, any rabbi who is willing to teach Torah truths to Noachides like me. I live in Malaysia and there's no rabbi here. So I approached rabbis in neighbouring countries (Thailand and Singapore), but none of them were willing to teach Torah to a non-Jew. And these are people who boast their good works! Can you imagine that one of these Chabad rabbis even told me that it's a sin to convert people?! He said that converting people is like telling God "You made a mistake in having made them Noachides". It's insane, it's like saying, God forbid, that the revelation at Sinai was a mistake, and that God should have let the to-be-Jewish people remain as Noachides.

To me, you are a seldom-found voice crying in the wilderness – one that is much needed.

Yasher koach in your good works.

Kol tov,


Mesora: Yosh, thank you for your kind words. Torah study demands proof, and sources. Yet, Chabad makes claims that are in opposition to Torah ideals. I wonder what their gentile donors would say, had they told them this view of "inferior gentiles". Chabad takes millions from gentile supporters during their telethons: their money is good enough to take, but their souls are second rate. I also often hear in Chabad's defense, "But look at all the good they do". I disagree: if this is what they teach, I fail to see how falsehood becomes a "good" if it's spread wide enough. They do not represent Torah values. Let's learn what the Torah does in fact say...

The Torah says that God didn't create "Jew and Gentile". God created "man and woman". No one was created with a different soul, more perfect than any other person. Thus, Abraham was no different than any other human. Yet, God spoke to him. So I ask any "superior" Jew today, "Did God ever speak to YOU?"  Hence, Abraham – a non Jew – was on a far greater level than any Jew today. Abraham – the Noachide – far surpassed any Chabad member.

We also just read (Deut. 32:8) that God "delineated the nations according to the number of Israelites". Rashi teaches this as referring to the 70 languages with which God dispersed the generation of Babel. 70 was also the number of Jews who entered Egypt. God equates the former Bable generation, to the Jews. What's the equation? I believe God is teaching that He desired the former Noachides to possess the same goodness He eventually bestowed on Israel, namely, the Torah. Talmud Avoda Zara 2b says this openly: God offered Torah to the other nations. 

God created mankind, once. He never reinvented man. Thus, all nations possess the identical soul.