Can G-d Become a Man?


Moshe Ben-Chaim



G-d becoming man in the body of Jesus is one of the most idolatrous and absurd doctrines fabricated by the Christians. For it suggests that G-d, the Creator of everything, Who controls everything, suddenly becomes the “created” - the Omnipotent One becomes frail, flesh and blood, subject to the very laws He created.


Such a concept is blasphemy at the highest degree, for with such words, man haughtily ignores his fear of G-d commanded in the Torah, and severely cripples his estimation He who is exalted above all else. It is man, speaking about that which he has no knowledge at all – the unknowable G-d. This is an outright denial of what G-d told Moses, “You can not know me while you live.” G-d told Moses that you cannot possess any possible concept of Me. Man is inherently limited in this respect. Man perceives G-d, as much as a blind person perceives light. But this foolish Christian doctrine does not agree with G-d, and suggest that man can in fact know what G-d is, so much so, that the Christians perpetrate a lie that G-d corporified Himself, and formed Himself into a Man Jesus. But we must contemplate G-d’s own words: G-d said that even the greatest prophet, Moses, could not know Him. Therefore, any doctrine such as this, which criticizes G-d, denies G-d’s own words, and assumes things about G-d, is false.


This is man at his lowest. It is man projecting his infantile, idolatrous fantasies onto reality, forcing the unknowable Creator into some tangible form for man’s weak emotions to attach to. Discussing this Christian doctrine that G-d became man, Rabbi Reuven Mann directed me to this following source: the Prophet Isaiah says, (40:25) “And unto who shall you equate Me that I will be similar, says G-d.” G-d says that it is impossible to equate Him to anything. Therefore, Christianity’s crime, suggesting G-d is in anyway equated to anything, i.e., man, and more so that He could even possibility BE man, is such a tragic flaw, and an outright denial of G-d’s words.


Rabbi Mann also referred me to the following quote of Maimonides “Guide for the Perplexed”, Book III, Chap. XV:


“That which is impossible has a permanent and constant property, which is not the result of some agent, and cannot in any way change, and consequently we do not ascribe to God the power of doing what is impossible. No thinking man denies the truth of this maxim; none ignore it”


“Likewise it is impossible that God should produce a being like Himself, or annihilate, corporify, (make Himself physical) or change Himself. The power of God is not assumed to extend to any of these impossibilities.”


“…there are things which are impossible, whose existence cannot be admitted, and whose creation is excluded from the power of God, and the assumption that God does not change their nature does not imply weakness in God, or a limit to His power.”


We see that G-d, and His true servants, Isaiah and Maimonides, attest to the fact that G-d cannot “do all” as children imagine. However, this Christian doctrine seems to follow a child’s “superman” emotion, and not logic. They feel all that may be imagined (viz., G-d becoming man) is possible.


This is the lesson: do not live in the world of imagination, but in G-d’s world of reality, where all ideas are pleasant, sensible, and appeal to our minds. We need not force faulty interpretations into G-d’s words, like when He says He is One, and Christianity says He is a Trinity. Such an approach, where G-d’s words are distorted to offer imagined support for Christian doctrine is not the result of objective study or clear thinking.


G-d becoming man is but another of man’s fantasies leading him, when the opposite is what G-d demands, that we deny any reality to our fantasies, and follow reality alone.