God is Limited


Moshe Ben-Chaim



In our new Discussion Forum on Mesora.org, one person wrote the following: “Logically, one must arrive at the conclusion that G-d is all capable and has absolutely no limitations, and can do literally anything.”

In dispute, God states He has limitations, and reason dictates this to be so: “Each man in his own sin shall be killed”. God CANNOT punish one above 13 who has not sinned. God CANNOT become physical. God CANNOT share any qualities of the created world. God CANNOT simultaneously make a square a circle. These all fall under the realm of the “impossible”. God performing the impossible is impossible; it is not a perfection.

It is a childish notion to suggest that God is like “Superman”, capable of anything He wishes. These limitations are not imposed, but are His by nature, and contribute to His perfection. Similarly, a judge who is “limited” and cannot make an incorrect decision, is not said to be flawed by this limitation. But said limitation contributes to the judge’s perfection. God’s perfection negates His ability to be ignorant, to become physical, and all such nonsense. But according to the view above, God may become ignorant or physical if He desires. Christianity’s fantasy claims this dangerous and incomprehensible imagination. It is heresy to suggest that God may do all He wishes, for these reasons. This false view that God is unlimited, also contains an internal contradiction, for accordingly, God might also render Himself “limited”.