What Does God Look Like?


Moshe Ben-Chaim




Child: What does God look like?


Mesora: That is a good question. We have never seen God, so how do we know what He looks like? I thought of this myself. But then I realized there are some things on Earth that we can’t see, but we know they are there. Like the wind. We cannot see the wind, but we feel it when it blows, and we see what it does, when we see the trees and the leaves blow in the wind. So maybe, there can be other things that are really out there, but they are invisible, so we cannot see them.


Another example is something called “gravity.” Do you know what that is? Gravity is a power, or a force, that pulls things down to the Earth, and that is why things fall when we let go of them. That is why rain falls to the ground, and does not go up to the sky. But do you know something? You cannot see “gravity”, but what you see are the results of gravity, or what gravity “does”. You see rain falling, and other things dropping. This is because the Earth is like a magnet, and it pulls everything towards itself. So you don’t see gravity, but you see what it does to other things.


Now, how does the Earth “know” to keep pulling things down everyday? Well, the Earth is not alive, so it can’t be thinking that it will keep pulling things…so what is making things fall? The answer is: a “law”. A law is something like the wind, which we can’t see, but we know it must be there. We can’t see or point to the law of gravity that tells the Earth to pull everyday, but we can see what it does. We know it is there.


God is the same. He is there, and He is stronger then everything else, since He made everything we see, including the Earth, the sun, the moon and stars, and all else.


Even the smartest adults do not know why God is invisible. We don’t know why He is this way, but we do know He has to be there, because with no God, this whole Earth and sky and all people wouldn’t be around.


So we don’t know what God looks like, because He is like the wind and gravity, things that have no color. But even thought we can’t see Him, we know He is there, and we can talk to Him and he hears us.


We have to know that there are some things in life that we will never know. But most of what we search for, we will know. You just happened to ask one of the smartest questions that even the smartest adults don’t know the answer to!