God’s Image


Moshe Ben-Chaim



Reader: Since any entity or any thing in the universe that has function must have structure (axiomatic), it follows that God has structure. Would it not follow that the structure of the human mind (not brain) as an “image of God” would be endowed with the same structure? This is a distillation of a great deal of information, but does not refer to form or shape or to corporeality.


Mesora: You incorrectly equate the universe to God. In fact, you have no basis to equate the Creator, with the “created”. From your fist, false assumption, you make another one: you think that man’s mind in some way reflects God. However, nothing can be equated to God, as we cannot know what God is. Similarly, I cannot equate what is in my hand, to what is in an opaque, black box. I know not what is inside, so any equation to an unknown is impossible. Once I understand my complete ignorance as to the contents of that box, I cannot extrapolate further equations. Thus, we must understand that man was made in the “image of God” otherwise. This phrase means to indicate that man possesses some element “through which” he may recognize God. But in now way does a created intelligence or soul possess any features similar to God.