Hidden Blessings

Moshe Ben-Chaim

Rav Yitzchak says (B. Metzia 42a):  "A blessing is only found in things hidden from the eye. [So] if one already counted his grain, requesting God to increase it is a useless request."  

Two questions: 

1) As God can certainly increase one's profits, what's the difference if one already counted is crop?

2)Why does it say a blessing is only "found"? Why can't it say, a blessing is only "made" or "granted"? What does "found" indicate?

Like Rabbi Mann taught, I believe Rav Yitzchak's lesson addresses human perfection, not God's miracles of harvest increase. 

A blessing can be "found" in the fixed quantity of grain, provided someone possesses the perfection of relating to God before he counts his crop. If he's this type of person, then he will find satisfaction even with lesser profits. He will "find" a blessing, means in that very unchanged quantity of grain, he will find satisfaction, since his focus is God, not excessive wealth. THis also explains why the Talmud says one cannot ask for increase after he counts. This is because the discussion at hand is not concerning God's ability to render miracle. The discussion is concerning man's attitude. If we were discussing miracles, God can certainly increase the crop even after it was counted.