Letters Feb. 2007




Good Day

Last week, we printed a letter and response to a chaplain. To appreciate this week’s follow up, we reiterate the main points of our response:

1) One need not disprove that which is unproven. Jesus did not comply with the Torah’s formula for who is the messiah. Not only was Jesus never validated as messiah; Torah authorities unanimously denounce him as a fraud.

2) Christianity says Jesus died for the sins of others. Thereby, he denies God’ very words: “Each man in his own sin shall be killed”. (Deut. 24:16)

3) Christianity’s “martyrdom” approach completely denies God’s Torah, which denounces belief or salvation by a man: “Do not trust in princes, in the son of man, who offers no salvation…” (Psalm 146:3-5) “Let us search and examine our ways and return to God”. (Lamentations, 3:40) Repentance is only through introspection, confession to God, and improvement in behavior.

4) Christianity conveniently selects certain parts of Isaiah and Daniel to attempt to prove Jesus, but ignores the above passages.

5) Christians cannot educate us on what we alone received, at the only mass witnessed revelation; long before multiple, conflicting gospels were ‘voted’ into history.


The chaplain wrote again this week, but did not address any of these points above, but simply repeated his first position. Following is my final response:


Rabbi Moshe Ben-Chaim: Chaplain, You initiated a correspondence with me, and I respectfully took my time to respond to each of your points. Now, instead of respecting my time, you ignore all of what I wrote you, and you have not replied to even one of my many refutations of Jesus as Messiah. That is compounded by the fact that the refutations I cite, are sources accepted by Christianity, i.e., the Old Testament and Prophets.

Your lack of response can only be understood as proof that you have no defense against those Biblical fundamentals that denounce Jesus as Messiah. This is because the Torahs refutations of Jesus are clear, intelligent, and undeniable.

You – as many other blind faith religionists – have demonstrated that your religion is not based on anything sensible, which can be proved. But in fact, when contradictions arise as I brought to your attention, you ignore them, and reiterate the exact same rhetoric, as if I did not hear your position the first time you uttered it.

If you will not respect my time by engaging reason, and by first; responding to each of my points...I don’t see why you wrote in the first place, and I will not continue a dialogue where my words are ignored.


Good day,


Rabbi Moshe Ben-Chaim






Good Fantasies

Omphile: Greetings. I have a question regarding a lecture by Rabbi Chait on Abraham and the land he was
promised. According to the Torah, Abraham was not told which land he was to be given, but was told to just leave his birthplace and the land of his father. Now I hear the Chazal say that the reason he wasn’t told which land he would get was to make the land desirable in his eyes (or something to that effect). Now how is making this land “desirable in his eyes” different from encouraging him to fantasize about the land? Did not Koheles teach that man must stay away from fantasy if he is to be happy?


Rabbi Moshe Ben-Chaim:  Yes, fantasy that originates in “man’s imagination” is destructive. But that which originates with “God”, meaning the land, must be a good, and man may anticipate it in his imagination. Similarly, statues originating in man’s imagination are idolatrous, while God’s cherubim covering the Ark are not. The reason being that what God commands is for man’s good. Nothing may be added or subtracted. And if man creates something, which God has not commanded, by definition, man is deviating from the perfect system, and it must corrupt him.





Good Christians

Harold: This was sent as a reply to your rationalization of trying to convince Christians that Jesus was not the true messiah. I thought such efforts, while approved of by Rashi, are less appropriate today than noting and publicizing Christian support for the State of Israel. There are some 30 million Evangelicals in the US who support Israel and are actively trying to prevent the Government of Israel from giving up “land for peace”. Can this be said for the 5 million American Jews? So rather than have theological arguments with such a large group of Americans who support Israel, why not publicize such support? Look up C.U.F.I. on the Internet. I have been involved with them for years and never once have they asked me to convert.


Rabbi Moshe Ben-Chaim:  You are keeping them in the blind by not discussing their infractions against Torah fundamentals...they must keep the Noachide laws, and Christianity violates them. You suggest an approach against what Jews are supposed to do: educate the nations on monotheism.


Harold: We are talking at cross-purposes. Is the existence of the Sate of Israel more important than preaching to the goyim? If the existence of the State is more important, I am right. If preaching to the goyim is more important, you are right. But if we cannot work to do both WITH those non-Jews who strongly support Israel, then I conclude that only G-d can help us as we are in mortal danger.

And what should we have done to the righteous Gentiles during the Holocaust? Try to convince them of their religious errors or thank them for their help? I personally would rather have the Evangelicals strongly opposing the madman in Iran rather than preach to them, alienate them and have them become neutral or indifferent. Better spend time preaching to the Jews here in America, they need your help more than the goyim.


Rabbi Moshe Ben-Chaim:  While Christians support Israel, we cannot allow those good actions to obscure falsehoods. Israel does not outweigh Torah education. Teaching Torah is the greatest mitzvah. Certainly, if the Christians do not know what the Torah says, how can you suggest their support of a Torah culture has meaning to them? You must conclude that you seek support for Israel, even if it damns the Christians to violating God’s will for them. You also miss one possible scenario: a Jew will successfully explain the Torah truths to Christian, he will open his eyes, and you will have saved a single soul. I am personally involved with some impressive former Christians, who, without the education of certain virtuous Jews, would not know where to turn to live their one life in accord with OUR Maker’s desires. But because certain Jews do in fact reveal the faults of Christianity to the Christians, they give them eternal life. 

Let’s give the Christians the benefit of the doubt that they will view our concern for them as equal to their concern for us. Let’s assume that they will appreciate our care for their lives, and that they won’t attack as or abandon their support for us. Let’s assume, until proven wrong, that a Christian will use his and her mind to be honest, that the Old Testament refutes Christian tenets, and that they can see that with time. Taking this route, we can help other human beings, not just Jews.

God desires all flesh to recognize him. You say this three times in the Alaynu prayer.