From Minister to Torah Observant Noachide


Jack E. Saunders  



Rabbi Moshe Ben-Chaim, 

Having just finished reading the recent articles published in Volume III, No 32.....June 18, 2004 of the 'Jewish Times' I would like to make some comments especially about two of the articles, "Christianity Vs Judaism" and "G-d Becoming Man."


After reading these two articles that caught my eye instantly, I said to my wife, "This is probably the first time since the 'Debate at Barcelona' that someone has had the courage to speak out so forth right about the differences in Christianity and Judaism." I would like to applaud your efforts not only to educate the Jewish Children concerning false religions but also to challenge those in Christianity to be seekers of Truth rather than just conforming to a certain form of theology prescribed by the various denominations found within Christianity. 


Having, myself, once been a Baptist Minister I know how difficult it is for someone to look at one's current religious status and evaluate it objectively. Most, rather than being challenged to seek the Truth, would rather spend their time and effort defending their current religious position without paying any attention to the possibility that their position could be wrong. I remember in the 'Debate at Barcelona' that the whole purpose of the Catholic Priests were to try and convert the Rabbi to their theological system by insisting that he keep his mind open to the possibility that he was wrong and convert. But when the Rabbi challenged the Priests involved to extend the same courtesy, i.e., keep their minds open to the possibility that they were wrong and of their possibility of converting, it seemed to strike a nerve. While they insisted that the Rabbi keep his mind open to the fact he might be wrong, it failed to enter their minds that they were wrong. But, I also know that if Truth becomes the sole object of one's search it can be done.


Over the years since I left Christianity and having become an Observant Noachide, I have continually challenged people to develop a correct concept of the Creator. For without first having a correct concept of our Creator, everything else will become flawed. The true concept of our Creator can be only found in what He declares of Himself and these declarations are only to be found in the Torah, Tanach, and the Teachings of the Sages of Israel. It is only when one departs from these sources that an unhealthy concept of the Creator will emerge, and one will find himself involved in idolatry.


If indeed one desires to truly see idolatry, then having a correct concept of the Creator will expose any and all forms of it.


May Hashem, may His Name be blessed, bless you in your efforts to expose people to the Truth and challenge them whether they are Jews or non-Jews to be seekers of Truth and to direct their hearts toward the only True direction, the Creator - to The Creator of the Universe, Who has chosen to reveal Himself to all of humanity as the L-ORD G-D of Israel.



Jack E. Saunders