The New Testament: Part of the Bible?


Moshe Ben-Chaim



Reader: Hello.  I was reading the article about the Torah from Sinai, and I now know the Torah is the “Old testament” of the Bible. I was raised as a Christian, forgive me if I mistake the names, my native tongue is not English, and I do not understand why I should believe only the first half of the Bible but not the “New testament”. How is this possible? I think the Torah is the same as the “Old testament”. I cannot say for sure, but I cannot understand why the Bible can be true first, and then false, in the “New testament”. Maybe I am mistaken for I know little about the Torah.


I would appreciate any orientation on the subject; I will begin to study the Torah. I hope you have the time to help me with this situation.







Mesora: Octavio,


The Bible, or the Torah, (not including the New testament) was given by God to the Jewish nation on Mount Sinai. Even Christianity agrees to this.


Now, if the Jews were the true recipients of the Torah, before Christianity exited, and the Jews say that the Torah does not recognize the New Testament, as it was not part of God's word, you must accept this. The Jews are the “ exclusive authority” on what Torah is.


This would be similar to someone named John, telling Henry Ford (who created the Ford auto) that John created the “true” Ford. One, who comes after historical fact, cannot alter that history. This is what Christianity attempted with their false claim that God authorized the New Testament, when in fact He did not.


You must ask yourself this: Why, throughout all generations, did the Jews not suggest that the New Testament was from God? They are the true authority on what the Bible is.