Religion of Proof - Not Faith


If Judaism is misrepresented as faith-based like Christianity, it no longer maintains its true, unparalleled rational nature. It thereby forfeits its unique claim for our adherence over other religions. In such a case, why should any Jew follow Judaism? For if faith is more valued than proof, one might rightfully say, “I have greater faith in Jesus than in Moses”: a position faithful Jews may no longer ‘reason’ against. However, Moses taught a different Judaism, one based on proof: “You have been shown to know that God is God” (Deut. 4:35), and “And you shall know it today” (Deut. 4:39). Moses taught that God orchestrated Revelation at Sinai so we might possess “evidence”, basing our beliefs on proven truths – not insufficient faith.

Faith-based Judaism ignores Moses’ words, and misleads Jews to succumb to missionaries. To steer Jews from this fatal error, I disputed Rabbi Schertz’s claim that, “religious views should be based on faith.” (“Pa. Jews” The Jewish Week 9/30)  Subsequently, (“Intelligent Design” The Jewish Week 10/28) Rabbi Schertz defended his views on curriculum, and discussed methods of acceptance…topics I did not address. To be clear, I addressed one point: Rabbi Schertz’s claim of a faith-based Judaism. I argued: “Judaism offers and demands reason and proof for God’s existence”. However, I could have proven Judaism’s position with Moses’ words, without an insulting term. I apologize for that, as my intent was not to target anyone, but to clarify Moses’ denial of a faith-based Judaism. Our Sages unanimously transmitted rational proofs for both God, and Judaism. Judaism alone is worthy of man’s adherence, precisely because it is the only Divine religion, built on proofs, which outweigh faith.

A faith-based Judaism is no longer “Judaism”, for Moses demanded intellectual adherence to evidence, reason, and proofs.


Rabbi Moshe Ben-Chaim