Alien Intelligent Life: Communications Received

Craig Stevens, Staff Reporter—Washington DC 

NY Times (Aug. 4, 2017)

It’s hard to believe. This is the most astonishing article I have ever written. Sightings and reports have been dismissed from the 1940s through recent years. Places and entities like Roswell NM, NASA, the US Air Force, Hangar 18 and others surround many reports. But never anything credible…until today.

My employer, the NY Times, has news offices and cams in all major cities. Today, I reviewed footage of four cams: Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Bogotá and Fortaleza. These cities are unique: they all lie almost directly on the equator. The solar phenomena detected at the equator cannot be seen elsewhere. 

Here’s the story…you will read with disbelief, but read until the end.

On August 3, 2017, 12:00 AM EST, the four cams spotted 10 highly reflective geometric shapes of identical size in the clear night sky. The shapes measured 1 km x 10 km and were aligned perfectly parallel to the earth’s surface. Radar revealed the shapes were positioned directly over the equator in a perfect line, but at various horizontal distances from each other. These shapes moved in uniform speeds (1o KPS) without acceleration or deceleration and paused in a random order. They moved again forming a new order, and again paused in precise locations mid-sky. After what seemed to be 10 random organizations of these shapes, the cycle repeated: the 10 shapes all moved to their original 10 locations, in their original sequence. This organization of the shapes repeated 10 times. 

Scientists are still trying to decipher what this intelligent life form is attempting to communicate with us. All we have now is the following 10 patterns:

||  |||  | |||| —||||| ||||| — || ||| |||| | — | | | | | ||||| — ||| ||| ||| | — |||| || |||| — |||||| ||||— || || || |||| — ||| |||| ||| — ||||||||||

The shapes positioned themselves to create these 10 distinct patterns, and repeated 1o times. I don't know why the equator is significant, but perhaps this intelligent life form wishes to communicate that is shares our geometrical knowledge, and it is through math that this life form communicates. This is compounded by the series of “10” throughout the phenomenon, as in base 10. 

It’s simply startling. How are you supposed to feel when you witness an intelligence other than human life? “Am I dreaming?” was the first thought that entered my mind after viewing the video recordings. I know I am not dreaming, because you were there with me amongst thousands of other eye witnesses. You do remember this: the sight, the crowds standing in awe…don't you? 


You don't recall this phenomenon? 

What about your friends? Didn’t they tell you they saw this? They were with me too. They’re silent about this sighting too? You mean, in thousands of years, this story will not be known as factual history? 


Moses would have experienced the same difficulty of convincing the Jews that they attended Revelation at Sinai, had that event never occurred. Had there been no fiery mountain, no earthquakes, no shofar blast and no intelligent voice emanating from that inferno,  Moses could not have convinced a single person to accept such a wild story. Not one person Moses approached would have exchanged his or her knowledge of where they stood on that day, and instead, accepted and transmitted that they were with 2.5 million Jews hearing voices coming out of fiery quaking Mount Sinai. And today, 3329 years later, Moses’ fabrication would not be the unanimously transmitted history of the Jews. Had there been no revelation at Sinai, 3329 years later, Jewish history would be a singular story that is far different than what we have today. But clearly that is not the case.

 Today, there is a singular world history that 2.5 million Jews did in fact witness an intelligent voice emanating from the fiery Mount Sinai, among earthquakes and a shofar blast that did not cease, but waxed continuously louder, proving that the source was not human, which loses breath after a period and the blast must end between breaths. But the intelligent voice emanating from fire is the undeniable proof of a supernatural Being. For all natural life perishes in fire and cannot talk while it is amidst flames. This explains why Moses repeats 7 times in the parsha “from amidst the fire.” He wished to remind the Jews of that specific element: the source of this event is unaffected by natural law, and actually controls nature. The Source is the Creator, and it is He who gave the Torah, the only religion ever given through miracles and in front of witnesses. 

Not only do we accept this history, but so does the world. This event cannot be denied. The only way we possess this single Jewish history, is if it is 100% truth. Furthermore, there is no “alternate” Jewish history. Had Revelation at Sinai been a fabrication, at the least, today we should possess two histories: the truth and the attempted fabrication of Sinai.

Again, just as I could not convince you or anybody else that today, alien life forms communicated with us in the skies, and that “you saw this communication as one of thousands of witnesses,” Moses too would not have been successful in gaining acceptance for his story of Sinai, had it not occured. Let that sink in.

 This week’s parsha Vaueschanan is one of the most important sections of the Torah. It is from this proven history of Revelation at Sinai that Judaism finds its distinction from every other religion. People may claim that there are even greater numbers of followers of Christianity and Islam, and thereby equate them to Judaism’s veracity. But you must distinguish between their “belief,” and Judaism’s “eyewitnesses.” The other religions do not claim any mass attendance at a miraculous event. Christianity’s many versions conflict, and together with Islam, both are based on blind faith and the claims of one or a handful people, who can easily conspire and fabricate a history. And this baseless structure of these two religions applies to all other religions. Judaism stands alone as the only religion based on eyewitnesses of miraculous events. And without mass witnesses, all other religions are as valid as any other fairytale.

 In other areas of life, a person uses intelligence. From selecting a new job or obtaining the proper education to secure that job, to selecting a proper doctor for a surgery or the proper educators for one’s children, people seek to validate their decisions and do not guess or use blind faith. But when it comes to one’s religious life, peoples’ minds take a backseat and somehow feel that this area is not subject to intelligence. God says quite differently. He orchestrated Revelation at Sinai precisely that a proof is available for mankind to determine which is the true religion. 

Once a person has conviction in revelation, his life changes. He is amazed by the proof, and is propelled to uncover God’s messages in the Torah’s stories and commands. Now that he knows an infinite Mind is 100% fact, and He designed the Torah, the intelligent person we will thirst to continually study the Torah. He yearns to discover God’s communications and unravel the mysteries of Torah. 

One must realize this powerful historical truth: the universe’s creator communicated with us. We understand its Hebrew language. There are immense revelations waiting our discovery. This must compel our interest more than discovering new intelligent life. After all, aliens would need a Creator just like humans.

Good Shabbos,

Rabbi Moshe Ben-Chaim