Seder - Not for the Uncircumcised
Moshe Ben-Chaim
Reader: Something troubling came up in a recent discussion. It was suggested that a "proper" Seder must not have non-Jews present. Is there really such a prohibition? If so, where does it come from, and how prevalent is this practice?
Mesora: A Seder must not have one uncircumcised present eating of the paschal Lamb, as is stated in our Torah, (Exod. 12:48) "Kol arale lo yochal bo", "any uncircumcised may not eat of it." The first, Egyptian Seder was the act where those adhering to God's laws were saved by the fulfillment of that command.
80% of Jews in Egypt perished in the plague of darkness. But why were the 20% saved? It was because they were not steeped in idolatry. They demonstrated this by sacrificing the very animal worshiped by the Egyptians. In order for God to give His Torah 50 days later on Sinai, the Jews back then had to demonstrate their acceptance of the true God, otherwise, their acceptance would be worthless, thinking God was in fact the Egyptian deity. Sacrificing the lamb demonstrated their belief that the lamb was nothing, and that the true God , Who commanded them in this sacrifice, must be followed. By following this command, they attested to God's existence. One only follows the command if they truly feel the commander is real, and must be followed.
God's Torah lifestyle places wisdom as the ultimate goal. Circumcision is a minimalization of the attachment to the physical. Maimonides teaches that both a man and woman have less enjoyment in the sexual act when the man is circumcised. He says that one object of circumcision is to limit intercourse so that intercourse is moderate. God created the organ sufficiently and for procreation, the foreskin is removed so that it helps perfect man's moral shortcomings and counteracts "excessive" lusts. Excessive lusts were the practices of the idolatrous nations. The woman doesn't know she is having less enjoyment unless she been with an
uncircumcised man. The man doesn't know he is having less enjoyment either, unless he has been uncircumcised as an adult.
So two conditions must be met; 1)Acceptance of the One true God - expressed via destruction of the Egyptian God, and 2) Following God's lifestyle of adherence to wisdom and minimalization from lusts, demonstrated via circumcision.

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