The Universe: Godís Signet Ring


Moshe Ben-Chaim



The question was asked: if a scientist studied the universe but didnít know of any God, does he possess true knowledge and enjoy the afterlife?

The answer is no to both questions. This is because the most primary feature of anything is its existence. Now, if one errs about this most primary feature, believing its existence is essential (that it was always existing) and denies a Creator that caused it to exist, the person lacks the most basic truth of what ever he studies. He has no true knowledge, and he cannot partake in the afterlife, which is enjoyment of the Creatorís knowledge.


God does not need the universe, or anything. God created all that exists for intelligent beings to study, and stand in awe of Him, for their own satisfaction and fulfillment. Created things (all matter) has as its goal the reflection of the Creator. If one ignores the Creatorís signature in matter, and merely studies to understand how things operate, he misses the purpose of the object, and his life.


This process of studying the universe is a most pleasurable pursuit that surpasses all others, offering intelligent beings the greatest existence as they draw nearer to God with each new truth.