Rabbi Moshe Ben-Chaim

As an orthodox rabbi, I wish to go on record that black people descend from the same first couple from whom white, Asian, and Indian people descend. Adam and Eve are mankind's grandparents. God never reinvented man that one race is lesser or better. Some Jews feel they are better, and that is racist arrogance. We all have the identical psyche, body and soul. Moses married a black woman, and Abraham cared for all walks of life. Judaism does not judge a person by how we are born, but how we die; were we righteous? God is the authority, and His Torah (Bible) says "One Torah for the Jew and convert." Meaning, all humans possess the identical potential. And consider this: God could have created any of you white/Jews as black/gentiles. Therefore, take no baseless pride in how your Maker made you..."He made us, it was not we [who did]" (Kind David, Psalms 100:3)