Why God Created Bnei Yisroel
Moshe Ben-Chaim
Question: Could you please explain to me why God willed it that a nation should be formed? And why was this a reward to Avraham? Wouldn't he be long gone before the nation develops?
Mesora: God willed Bnei Yisroel to be formed as God's will was always that man should be exposed to a life of chochmah. Avraham spearheaded this effort by discovering God, so perhaps God desired that a nation have at its identity, a founder who came to the ideals of monotheism by his own discovery, Avraham thereby setting an example of the prime existence of man, i.e., one who searches for the truth and finds it. As opposed to one who just follows someone else's teachings, Avraham proved that there is objective knowledge in the universe which man can uncover, the search of which is man's purpose in existence. Therefore, God showed this to be man's purpose by creating a nation from Avraham, thereby underlining Avraham's essentiality of man's self knowledge. This also falls in line with God's original plan not having a Bnei Yisroel, but just an Adam and Eve who would populate the world and generate offspring who would follow their parent's method of discovering God through the universe. Maimonides also states that the study of the universe is what brings man to be in awe of God, as opposed to the study of Torah.
Since it was Avraham's sole desire to promulgate Torah ideals, Avraham's own existence is not essential for him to reap the rewards of his actions. Provided there are followers of Avraham's teachings, Avraham is satisfied that his plan continues, and this is his reward. Nothing external to mankind's pursuit of knowledge is needed by Avraham, there cannot be any more which he would desire.

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