Burial 2
Moshe Ben-Chaim
I am doing a nursing course and have to find information on burial ceremonies from different cultures. Could you please help me with some information on Jewish ceremonies. Thank you.
Judaism doesn't partake of "ceremonies" in general, let alone burial ceremonies. Burial is viewed by Judaism as the proper honor due to a body which was joined with the essential element of "man", namely, the soul. As the body functioned together with the soul, we show respect to the true person, the soul, by burying the body. Ornate caskets are not used, as this would elevate the importance of the body, which now serves no purpose. Ancient Egyptians would make the pyramids as conduits to the afterlife, and stored all the pharaohs' treasures with him, as they felt incorrectly and unsubstantiated that the pharaoh would "take it with him" when he goes to the next world.
However, based on a lecture by a Rabbi, he mentioned that Abraham upon burying his wife, felt compelled to purchase the field from Ephron the Hittite, (and did not accept Ephron's offer of the field as a gift) as Abraham viewed death was a positive existence, and not the mere removal of life. Abraham therefore desired to demonstrate this positive most mortal existence through purchasing the field. Demonstrating that this was not merely a removal of a corpse.
Philosophers unanimously attest to the existence of the soul after life, and state that this life should really be viewed as only an entrance way to the "banquet hall" which is the Afterlife.

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