Capital Punishment
Moshe Ben-Chaim
Question: Hello, i am studying Judaism at School. Please could you tell me what views Judaism has on Capital Punishment?
Thank you,
Mesora: Rachel, Judaism believes in capital punishment for many reasons. One is to rid society of those who would harm others. Another reason is to display to the world what corruption truly is. By killing someone, we realize the gravity of their offense as so bad that it requires death. Still yet is the reason to act a deterrent, so people are afraid of committing certain acts, acts which God decided are harmful.
Life is only treasured by one who follows God Who is the giver of life. If one violates what God desires, then God has outlined in the Torah their punishments. Life is not something which is the top priority. Serving God is top priority, and when we don't, God determined that our fate sometimes is death.

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