Chassidic Tales
Moshe Ben-Chaim
Reader: I am trying to locate a traditional chassidic tale called 'the black wolf'. It has to do with holy people living incognito among us.
Mesora: The concept of a "Holy" person in chassidus is a problem with Judaism, as some chassidim actually believe that their "rebbes" never sin. A statement which is against God's word in the Torah that all men sin, "ki ein tzaddik baaretz she-yaaseh tov v'lo yechta", "as there is no righteous man in the earth who does good and does not sin". Even Moses - the most perfect man sinned. If Moses sinned, then certainly everybody else.
This statement that holy people live among us implies that there are two groups of people, holy people, and us. This is also against Judaism and Torah, as the Torah does not claim that there are certain people more entitled to spirituality than others. Additionally, Holy - or as I would phrase it, righteous people - will become known through their acts of continual Torah study. Their wisdom will also be found out, as they will speak out to defend Torah. The idea that "holy people walk among us" implies that they are here, but we don't know it. It is a false idea. There are many chassidic tales, many are completely false, especially those about people doing miracles.
If the Talmud records such fantastic stories, they must be interpreted as metaphors. Unfortunately, people today take them literally, even though the greatest minds teach us that we shouldn't.
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