False Christian Beliefs II: Only One Religion Condoned by God
Moshe Ben-Chaim

Reader: Why is there only one definition of procreation? Why is procreation or begetting limited to biological function. Could not a spiritual being beget a spiritual being by a non biological or nonphysical way? Isn't that like saying that man can do something that God cannot?
Mesora: Yes, that is exactly what I am saying. Your argument would also accept a "nonphysical " heart. But that is a contradiction. Not only are physical organs limited to physical beings, but physical acts, as procreation, are also limited to physical beings.


Reader: Why would a collection of Jews in Israel 2000 years ago desire to fabricate stories concerning Jesus of Nazareth? And then be willing to face excommunication from the synagogue and imprisonment by Roman authorities? What would be the motive?
Mesora: Their motive is inconsequential. I must add, such a question cannot make an irrational system as Christianity, into a sensible one, nor does it give credibility to it's claims of 'miraculous' events.


Reader: You are right to say that a man cannot perform miracles on his own. Jesus claimed to be "I AM" several times, once in front of the Sanhedrin. And it was partly for this reason that he was turned over for crucifixion.
Mesora: Claiming the impossible and the ridiculous often results in problems.


Reader: The miracles of Jesus were never done in secret but always before others, sometimes thousands, as in the feeding of 5,000 with a few barley loaves and a few fish.
Mesora: That is here say. People merely believe this story, but none claim to be descendants of any of these imagined 5000 witnesses.

Christianity has no event as Sinai essential for proving events as true. You should also ask yourself a very important question: God gave the system of the Torah to the Jews, this is accepted by Christianity as proof, as it forms part of your sacred texts. This Torah includes the laws for all gentiles' observance, not just for Jews. Why then would God condone any other religion? Torah was God's plan for all mankind - no one was left out. The reality is, God does not condone any other religion, and He never will. God already "made up His mind", and His complete Torah outlines mankind's only directive. By definition, He created only one miraculous, mass event: He gave the Torah to about three million Jews at Mount Sinai. Amidst a mountain burning "unto the heart of the heavens", all witnesses heard intelligent speech emanating from those flames. So valued is this event to your people, and so significant is this fact, that your own Christian Bible repeats this fact at least 8 times in Deuteronomy. This event can only happen if the source of such speech is not biological in design, but supernatural, i.e. God Himself.

Suggesting that God condones any religion other than Judaism contains 3 intolerable contradictions in God: 1) If God desires any other religion, why would He not create it, as history proves it was man who created all other religions? 2)If God desires other religions, why would God not create an equally impressive event substantiating those other religions, just as He enacted in connection with Judaism? God's omission of such substantiation clearly shows God's preference has never changed from Judaism exclusively. 3)Proposing that God endorses other religions contradicts His original plan of Torah Judaism exclusively for all mankind. This proposition replaces the correct notion of our consistent, perfect God, with a corrupt view of an indecisive god.


Reader: How could so many honest, faithful Jews of that period believe Jesus was the promised Messiah, if he didn't have "credentials" to back it up (such as performing miracles)?
Mesora: The exact same way so many Muslims today follow Islam. You surely disagree with their claims, regard;less of their numbers. You see, your argument that "numbers of believers creates credibility" is a contradiction.


Reader: The apostles also were given the power to perform miracles. After St. Peter's first sermon on Pentecost, 3,000 Jews were converted at one time.
Mesora: That is no miracle, it does not counter any natural law.


Reader: Regarding the Divine selection of the Jewish nation. No Christian doubts that except a few racists. Does not the Messiah come from the Jewish nation? But the Scriptures also speak of time when all nations will come to believe in the Lord. So is the Messiah to be only for the Jews or for all nations?
Mesora: All nations. Even our Temple exists for all nations, as all gentiles may bring sacrifices. God created all humans. Reason should teach you that God favors all men and women. God did not create us to ignore us. He created mankind so that all mankind follow God, but mankind created other religions, against God's will.


Reader: I am very thankful for the time you took to answer my questions. I know no observant Jews so I have long wondered about some matters of your faith. Thank you again for your time, Jill.
Mesora: God created everything. This includes the human mind. God knows each person's thoughts, whether he now exists, or whether he will not be born for 1000 years. Past and present are all before God's eye. God knew all religions man would invent. Not only is God's system more perfect than man's, but in spite of future generations' religions-to-be, God opted for Judaism as His choice lifestyle for all mankind.

It must be understood that Judaism was not given to Jews due to our merit, but due to Abraham's detection of monotheism as the only reality. Any Jew today who acts boastful as a recipient of Abraham's heritage, not only lives egotistically and without cause, but stains Judaism's pristine reputation. He turns off gentiles from a chance at discovering and appreciating God's Torah system. Be mindful that our own messiah is a descendant of a gentile named Ruth. Jews were selected by God, but only to act as beacons for all mankind. In Eden, God created man and woman. The world was meant to be populated by these two, and follow in their divinely given, transferred ideals. Religions are only man's devices, deterring unsuspecting generations from God's initial plan. To help man back to the correct path, God gave one nation a system called Torah, so the world may once again, as in Eden, have a chance at learning God's truths.

As new religions auditioned for a role as Judaism's understudy, we laugh at such hopes for stardom, when in fact God's Judaism claims an eternal, exclusive engagement on the world's stage.

Deuteronomy. 5:19, God said in connection with the Revelation on Sinai, "...a great voice and no more..." One of the greatest Torah commentators, Ibn Ezra, explains this as God's oath of such an event never again occurring. God's plan clearly is Judaism - the only religion for all of mankind - be it 613 or 7 commands. There is one road leading to God. He marked it with a sign directing us to God's destination, "All this matter which I command to you, it shall you guard to keep, do not add to it, and do not subtract from it". (Deuteronomy, 13:1)


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