The Flaws of Christianity and Religions


Rabbi Moshe Ben-Chaim


Should we allow our lives to be guided by what is popular? Are we to simply follow the crowd, without questioning our beliefs? As all religions oppose each other, all religions cannot be God’s word.


Our souls are at stake, and our limited time here in Earth demands that we take stock in what our actions and beliefs must be. Are we living life properly, what our Creator asks, what is truly best for ourselves? We must realize the false notions we harbor, be we Jew or Gentile. It is imperative that we all question these popular notions and not blindly coast through life, losing what could be an inspiring and enlightening existence. What a tragic loss of God’s gift of life to each of us, if we do not engage our intelligence, given to man and no other creature. God desires that we use this intelligence in the most important of all areas, our religion: our belief in God and His plan for mankind.


I fear some Gentile and Jewish readers may become inflamed with feelings of religious persecution when reading this article. This is not my intent. Had only the books of Christianity remained with no adherents, this article would be equally needed. The purpose of this analysis is to elucidate the basic flaws of Christianity and other similar religions, (subsumed collectively herein as “Christianity”) in order to benefit both Gentile and Jew, who find baseless appeal in its false notions. I hope through the analysis presented, you recognize my sincere intent: to dispel false notions, not to mock a group of people. No gain is realized when one attacks an individual. Christianity predates all Christians alive today. Therefore, the critique presented is one of an ideology, not of individual adherents. My wish is to increase your understanding of God’s words, His desire is for our good, and to display what is contrary to the Torah system so we may know its fallacy, and avoid its pitfalls.


The role of the Jew has always been to educate the world on God’s Torah. Remaining silent at the fear of ridicule cannot enter the equation. For through such silence, greater harm is inflicted: the Torah authorities conceal God’s true Torah ideal from mankind. The Jew was selected by God as a “chosen people”. However, many misconstrue “chosen” in a haughty light: as if the Jew is somehow better from birth than Gentile. If this were the case, God would have created “Jews” and “Gentiles”, but he did not. He created man and woman. Judaism did not enter the world’s stage until the year 2448, that’s 3317 years ago. What was God’s plan before 2448? Why was no Torah given yet? It was God’s pan that man would observe the universe, realizing a Creator, and pondering His marvels. However, from the very start, man began to commit idolatry. Adam’s grandson Enosh worshipped the stars. After many generations, more and more idolatrous practices arose. It soon became necessary that a Code exist, extricating man from his infantile fantasies, redirecting him to correct, and monotheistic ideals. Abraham was a rare individual, capable if realizing his own idolatrous practice as false, eventually recognizing the Creator, and then endeavoring to teach all of mankind. Due to his correct philosophy, God desired to create a nation from Abraham, one that would possess true knowledge, and teach all of mankind.


God desires the Jew to benefit every other culture and religion, guiding them with rational arguments away from false and harmful notions, towards what truth and reason dictate is reality. It would be against God’s will for any Jew to remain silent, allowing another human being to remain prey to idolatrous practices and beliefs. If someone is open to hearing ideas, we must educate them. It is then up to them to discern truth from falsehood, and select what their own minds dictate is reality. We are only commanded to teach, they must choose to practice what their minds desire.



I. Essential Flaws in Other Religions


Christianity claims God Spoke with Jesus

It is essential that you become fully aware of the historically proven event at Mount Sinai where God demonstrated His existence and selected the Jews to adhere to His Torah. This event was witnessed by approximately 2.5 million people, a proof not duplicated in any other culture or religion, and recorded in Deuteronomy 4:9-15. It is impossible that history contain the account at Sinai where the Jews heard an intelligent voice emanating from the fiery mount Sinai, seeing no physical source, and that such a story be accepted by the world through the present - were it false. Had Sinai never occurred, it would not be accepted back then, nor would it survive through time. Had Moses lied, and attempted to convince individuals they saw such a miracle, which they did not see, they would view Moses as a fraud. Imagine someone telling you that you were at an event that you did not attend, that there were 2.5 million others there, and that specific miracles occurred. You would view the person as bizarre, and he would have absolutely no success at convincing you or others that you witnessed that which you did not. The unanimous acceptance today of this event as history - not only accepted by Jews - confirms its truth. Concocted stories of a peoples’ history, witnessed by millions, are not unanimously accepted. Sinai occurred. God selected the Jews and no others, and He gave a law never to be altered. God selected the Jews through an awesome event to serve for the precise purpose of a proof. Judaism is not based on belief. No science is.


Not only does reason deny acceptance of all other religions, but God’s very words attest to the fact that Judaism will be the one eternal and exclusive religion:

Deuteronomy, 4:33,34: “Has any people heard the voice of God speaking from amidst fire as you have heard, and lived? Or has God miraculously come to select one nation from others with miracles, signs and wonders, and with war, and a mighty hand and an outstretched arm and with great awesome deeds, as all that Hashem your God did for you in Egypt in front of your eyes?”


Here, Moses reminds the Jewish people here of their selection. God selected the Jews from all other nations. This was never performed for any other nation. Many religions do not accept God’s selection of the Jewish nation, denying God’s very words. They concoct stories of supposed miracles or prophecies, which Jesus and others experienced. But any individual can suggest God spoke to them, or that they performed miracles. There is no way to disprove such lies. But be mindful, nor is there any way to prove these stories. All other religions are based on individual testimony, as this is something others cannot disprove. It is a safe position. Not Judaism. Judaism is based on historic events witnessed by millions.



Christianity Claims God became Physical

The notion of God becoming physical is impossibility. He, Who created all of physical existences, is the One Being not subject to those laws. God governs all physical matter. To suggest God can become physical and be subject to His own physical laws means that He does not control the universe. A clear contradiction and impossibility.



Christianity Claims Jesus Died for Other Peoples’ Sins

Deuteronomy, 24:16; “There will not be killed fathers for sons (sins, nor) are sons killed for father’s (sins). Each man in his own sin will be killed.”

This verse teaches that the theory of the death of Jesus on behalf of others’ sins is contrary to God’s own words. God’s system is just, only the one who sins pays the price, not another. God teaches us intellectually sound ideas that are reasonable and conform to justice.



Christianity Endorses a “Blind Faith” System

Belief can be used for any idea or religion. Belief seeks no support from reality. Christianity teaches what is not real. Contrary to Christianity’s own goals, they teach that defectors, finding other religions more emotionally appealing, is proper. Christianity’s tenet of “blind faith” would require them to allow Christians to follow another religion and deny Jesus, if they followed faith. How can they argue? They are not based on reason, so a system of faith other than Christianity cannot be argued as wrong. An incoherent and contradictory position. If however Christianity attempts to lodge reason to justify Christianity as the supreme religion, they thereby deny their principle of blind faith, as they have demonstrated an attempt to justify their religion via reason, and not faith.



Christianity Denies our Use of God-given Intelligence

In the most important of all areas - our belief in God’s word - Christianity asks us to abandon reason. Sinai was orchestrated by God to achieve a proof of God’s existence and His desired system for man. No other religion can make such a historically proven claim. God intended man to use his reason and arrive at the correct life. Christianity asks man to violate God’s intent and abandon reason, living by faith.



Not Observing God’s 7 Noachide Laws is a Sin Against God

Christianity’s laws oppose God’s will that all gentiles follow the 7 Noachide laws outlined in the Torah.



Religion of Love

A Rabbi once noted, the claim by Christianity to be a religion of love is an attempt to deny an underlying religion of hate. Jesus in effect murdered God, as Jesus’ existence replaced God’s existence. Calling their religion one of love attempted to deny Christianity’s true, hateful and aggressive ideology displayed by the Crusades, Christianity’s creed of eternal damnation for those who deny Jesus.






II. Christianity’s Primitive Nature and Mass Appeal


Deification of Man

Christianity appeals to many through false ideas. We already mentioned one; a guilt free existence because Jesus died for one’s sins. Accordingly, man’s sins can be absolved, and man takes no responsibility for his corrupt actions. This is quite enticing, although baseless and false. Another primary idea is the satisfaction of the emotional need for approval from man, i.e., the man Jesus is the central focus.


Man is attached to his parents, projecting on them a supreme, authoritative status. A child seeks approval, and finds parental disappointment most devastating. Many individuals never grow out of this emotion and find this satisfaction even in adult life, by idolizing human figures and creating heroes. Christianity satisfies this need through its portrayal of Jesus as superhuman, a clear display of deifying man, not God. Conversely, Judaism teaches that man is simply flesh and blood, with no powers. God remains as the central focus of Judaism. Numerous laws prohibit man from seeking man’s approval and the projection of superhuman qualities onto man. In contrast to Christianity’s saints, Judaism’s prophets shun the spotlight, as seen from Elisha who himself did not approach Naaman with God’s instructions for healing, but Elisha sent his servant to give those instructions to cure Naaman’s leprosy. Elisha wished God alone to maintain responsibility for the government of man and nature. Additionally, Judaism prohibits idolatry, warlocks, enchanters, and witches, to name a few. Each law is an example of Judaism’s goal to extricate man from believing any power exists, aside from God. As Ibn Ezra and Maimonides state, all these practices are false. God created all matter and all laws governing them - He alone Who created these laws, controls them. Man, a creation, cannot over-power God. Man is the created, not the Creator.



Denial of the Sexual Drive - Holy People - Virgin Birth

As a permutation of the previous corruption, Christianity places nuns and priests on pedestals. Part of their aura is their deprivation of sex. Christianity seeks to create saints by praising those who abstain from areas in which man feels shame or guilt. Conversely, Judaism does not deny man’s powerful urges, but asks man to channel those urges to the proper partner, and only at the appropriate times and circumstances. Judaism does not wish man to be steeped in desires, nor to deny his desires. Judaism directs man to the proper balance of satisfaction and abstention. Man is taught to guide his desires, not to follow them blindly. This practice redirects man’s energies towards the higher goals of pursuing wisdom and justice. Man finds true satisfaction only when he engages his true self - his intelligence. Current accounts of priests sodomizing children demonstrate Judaism’s accurate view on the need for sexual satisfaction, and the repercussions of those who deny real desires. Judaism teaches reality, Christianity teaches lies, in the most fundamental area. It may very well be that the “virgin birth” story was written to deny the sexual in connection with Jesus, from his “conception”.


The contradiction of nuns and priests is that on the one hand, they claim their life’s work to be God’s will , i.e., their existence is a good. On the other hand, their abstinence does not allow new children to enter the world, who themselves could become nuns and priests. If they feel human existence is a good when one is a nun or priest, their very abstinence prevents other nuns and priests from being born and continuing their work.



Christianity Teaches Fantasy in the Most Fundamental Area - Eating of Jesus’ Body

Matthew 26:26-28 “26. Now as they were eating, Jesus took bread, and blessed, and broke it, and gave it to the disciples and said, “Take, eat; this is my body.” 27. And he took a cup, and when he had given thanks he gave it to them, saying, “Drink of it, all of you; 28. for this is my blood of the covenant, which is poured out for many for the forgiveness of sins.”

Christianity’s practice of eating a wafer symbolizing Jesus’ body, traces itself back to primitive, cultural rites. In one rite, members of a cult would drink the blood of animals, believing it to permeate them with that animal’s characteristics. When we study a man-made religion, we will undoubtedly discover evidence of man’s base, instinctual drives. Man-made religion is in truth a projection of man’s instinctual desires that are repressed - their system will reflect man’s instinctual nature. Again, Christianity succeeds at deviating completely from God’s will. Unlike Judaism, this practice of eating the body of Jesus has no correlation to anything true, thereby reinforcing fallacy. It further embellishes the need for attachment to the physical, yet represses natural, human desires and need.



Jesus’ Resurrection

Belief in immortality and fortunetellers are fabricated solutions to man’s two basic fears; 1)death, and 2)security about his own Earthly fate. With the resurrection of Jesus - his “second coming” - Christianity gives false hope not only in Jesus’ immortality, but in his followers’ as well, as they too will share in the ultimate, eternal kingdom. Resurrection also attempts to validate Christianity; The second coming alludes to Christianity’s unspoken doubt of Jesus’ validity, as his first coming was not successful.




III. Christianity Denies God’s Words


False Prophets

The Torah teaches that we are not to follow a prophet who goes against God’s word:

Deuteronomy, 18:19, 20. “And it will be the man who does not listen to My words, but who speaks in My name, I will inquire from him. However, a prophet who sinfully speaks a matter in My name which I did not command to speak and he speaks in the name of other God’s, you must kill that prophet.”

Jesus spoke against God’s laws in God’s name, attempting to change what God said. God’s Torah teaches that this crime is so great it deserves death.



Incomparability to Judaism

A further, false proof of Christianity’s claim of the supreme religion is the following: We might ask why God did not perform such an undeniably true event as Sinai, on behalf of Christianity. If God wishes something to have recognition as truth, Sinai teaches that He has the ability to create an undeniably true event, witnessed by millions. Why are all religions - including Christianity - bereft of such events? It is clear that God does not endorse Christianity or any religion. God endorsed Judaism alone, and He promised in the Torah that such a event will never be reproduced:

Deuteronomy, 5:19: “These matters (the Ten Commandments) God spoke to your entire assembly from amidst flames, cloud, and thick darkness, a great voice not to be repeated, and He wrote them on two tables of stone and gave them to me.”

God clearly states that such a revelation at Sinai, a selection of a people, and specifically a giving of a law, will never be repeated. Again, the giving of a law by God will never be repeated. These are God’s words and Christianity denies them with their fabrication that God endorsed a new system of Christianity. Christianity’s ideology is based on lies told to its followers, duping them into the belief that God has a new plan, even though God stated such a revelation will never be repeated. Christianity lies to its followers.



Christianity Violates God’s Command not to Alter God’s Torah

Deuteronomy, 4:2: “Do not add on to the matter which I command you, and do not detract from it, to observe the commandments of Hashem your God, which I command you.”

God teaches us not to alter the Torah, yet Christianity does so in so many areas - again denying God’s words. Christianity suggests that God “changed His mind”. This is absurd, that a Perfect Being knowledgeable of all past and future history would create a complete and perfect Torah system at one point, which includes a law not to alter it in any way, and then contradict His own words as Christianity suggests.




IV. A Corrupt Philosophy and Plagiarism


Christianity Portrays Jesus Reasoning to be Unjust:

Matthew 26:6-13: 6. “Now when Jesus was at Bethany in the house of Simon the leper, 7. a woman came up to him with an alabaster flask of very expensive ointment, and she poured it on his head, as he sat at table. 8. But when the disciples saw it, they were indignant, saying, “Why this waste? 9. For this ointment might have been sold for a large sum, and given to the poor.” 10. But Jesus, aware of this, said to them, “Why do you trouble the woman? For she has done a beautiful thing to me. 11. For you always have the poor with you, but you will not always have me. 12. In pouring this ointment on my body she has done it to prepare me for burial. 13. Truly, I say to you, wherever this gospel is preached in the whole world, what she has done will be told in memory of her.”

Jesus is on record as preferring kindness to himself, in place of the poor. His reasoning is that he will not always be around. Therefore one must prefer to share oil with Jesus than using the monetary value of that oil to support the needy.



Christianity Mimics the Torah to Earn Credibility


Compare to the Torah’s words to Christianity’s plagiarism:

The Torah says in Exodus, 4:19:

God said to Moses in Midyan, go, return to Egypt, for there have died all the men that sought your life.”

The New Testament says in Matthew 2:20:

“Rise, take the child and his mother, and go to the land of Israel, for those who sought the child’s life are dead.”


The Torah says in Exodus 1:16:

“And (the king of Egypt) said, “when the Hebrew women give birth, and look upon the stone, if it is a son, kill him, and if it is a daughter, let it live.”

The New Testament says in Matthew 2:16:

“Then Herod, when he saw that he had been tricked by the wise men, was in a furious rage, and he sent and killed all the male children in Bethlehem and in all that region who were two years old or under,...”


In both statements above Christianity attempts to equate Jesus to Moses by distorting the truth and provoking the emotion of pity. Christianity continuously portrays Jesus as the victim to foster identification and more adherents. Just like Pharaoh threatened Moses, the story constructed in the New Testament makes Jesus the victim of King Herod. Coincidentally, the events at the time of Jesus’ birth were conveniently fabricated to mimic a similar threat, which had taken place during the time of Moses’ birth. The reader of the New Testament feels pity and compassion for Jesus in the name of plagiarism. The goal of the New Testament is to equate the statures of Jesus and Moses, which is absolutely impossible. In so many statements contained the New Testament, if read carefully, one will find authentic, Torah accounts plagiarized with slight changes, replacing true Torah personalities with Jesus.


Plagiarism is also seen clearly in the first quote; just as Moses was threatened and then afterwards informed to return as all those seeking his life are dead, the New Testament again attempts to plagiarize a known story of Moses and transpose it onto Jesus. For the very goal of engendering pity as a tool for identification with Jesus, Christianity adopted the symbol of the Cross. The Cross’ unanimous acceptance as a central icon of their religion displays how correct the developers of Christianity were that pity is a sure-fire lure to attract adherents.



A most obvious plagiarism describes the sale of Jesus by one of the 12 disciples for 30 pieces of silver. It is almost identical to the sale of Joseph by one of his 12 brothers for 20 pieces of silver in the Torah. Compare:


Genesis 37:25:

“And there passed by Midianite men, traders, and they drew him and lifted him (Joseph) out of the pit and they sold Joseph to the Ishmaelites for 20 pieces of silver and they brought Joseph to Egypt.”


Matthew 26:14-15:

“14. Then one of the twelve, who was called Judas Iscariot, went to the chief priests 15. and said, “What will you give me if I deliver him to you?” And they paid him thirty pieces of silver.”



Christianity uses another statement from the Torah and distorts it in order to evoke empathy and identification with Jesus who is again being portrayed as the “victim.” Yet, the goal of Christianity is to raise Jesus to a leadership role. The downtrodden Jesus becomes a great leader as Joseph, whom his brothers sold would eventually become a great leader. Christianity found many ways to distort the Divine Word of God in order to gain mass acceptance and many followers.





In summary, Christianity lies to its people, it contradicts God’s own words, it is a religion where reason is replaced by belief, and deceit is the means of attracting to-be proselytes. Do not feel compelled to adhere to Christianity due to its popularity, or its leaders’ reputations. Many people are drawn in by the impressive structures of churches, ancient paintings depicting Jesus, the Church’s long history, and the sense of piety associated with nun’s and priests’ garb. Do not be impressed, for previous idolaters also made great structures, wore ornate clothing, and were widespread, yet, we comprehend their false ideas - based on reason alone. Reason teaches, that which is false, cannot become true because we adorn and decorate it. King Solomon taught, “A gold ring in the snout of a pig, (so too is) a beautiful woman with a deviant personality.” (Proverbs 11:22) Radak’s last statement on Zephania, 1:8 teaches that God punished certain Jews who dressed in clothing more impressive than their brother Jews, only to project a false piety. God frowns upon external dress, as this has no bearing on one’s perfection, destroying social harmony in its wake. So too, we are not to be impressed by Christianity’s adornment of their clergy, nor of their beautiful structures or moving, choric hymns. What is false cannot be made true no matter how much they adorn themselves, no matter how effective they are at mimicking Judaism and no matter how much pity they evoke for their fabricated man-god.


God’s Torah, and reality, requires one to use his mind, seeking proof for one’s actions. Torah is built on rationale, containing proofs so man may function in accordance with intelligence, leading a life, which is pleasing and reasonable. Man, being so impressed with the sensibility of the tenets of Judaism, is encouraged to derive much benefit not only in actions that are good for oneself and society, but as one engages one’s mind, one discovers new insights which offer the most satisfying life. Intelligence is the one faculty God gave man and no other being. God desires that mankind enjoy life, and use intelligence alone to study reality and perceive wisdom, which affords a person the greatest existence.


Intelligent inquiry is the sole tool enabling our appreciation of all sciences, and of Judaism. God created sciences and Judaism to reflect His wisdom. Through our minds, we see beauty in the Torah system, we find solid proofs and reasons for God’s laws and ideals, we become enamored with the depth and structures of Torah laws, and we continually grow towards God’s goal for man - a being appreciative of, and attached to what is real and true.


God’s perfect Torah system applies to both Gentile an Jew. There is no other God-given system. There is no other good for mankind.