Degrading Converts
Moshe Ben-Chaim

Unfortunately there is a destructive and non-Jewish opinion circulating in the observant community. One which anyone aware of must speak out about. I refer to those people who will not consider converts for prospective "shidduchim" or dates. This act of degrading the "gare", the convert, violates Torah laws, "thou shalt love thy neighbor", also, "thou shalt love the convert".
We must, as always, follow God's Torah. If God selected Ruth the Moabite to be the ancestor of Moshiach, no other argument is needed to prove that a convert is equal to any one else. Furthermore, one born Jewish who does not accept a convert is not only less perfected than the convert, but the convert is more prized by God than this Jew.
Rambam praises the convert as they selected this life. It is not an inheritance to them as it is to us. They made a conscious decision after analysis, and saw the truth. How much more should they be celebrated as true lovers of Torah!
God chose Ruth the convert. He chose David and Solomon her grandsons to be the Jewish leaders. The Rabbis selected David's words as the core of our prayers' texts.
Shavuous celebrates God's gift of the Torah. A book which is based on sound principles. We read the book of Ruth at this time for good reason. Do what you can to correct this destructive opinion when the opportunity presents itself.
Human feelings and Torah laws must be protected. Speak up.