Baalei Tshuva
Moshe Ben-Chaim

A reader asked us to make mention of the need to be considerate to Baalei Tshuva. This goes without saying that a Jew should be treated with respect, and with equality, regardless of when and if they are observant. Showing kindness is not contingent upon one's level of observancy.
I understand that regarding shidduchim, one has preference towards another who shares equal commitment to observancy. But one should not nullify another if they have become religious only after time, although they were not raised that way. We need not look far to see that our forefather Avraham was an idolater prior to developing an understanding of what G-d's will actually is. Avraham himself worshiped idols. Nonetheless, as he perfected himself, G-d selected him to be the forefather of our Jewish nation. 
This fact alone should stand clear in our minds; G-d favors one who has selected the proper life, not only those who wee was raised observant. Ruth the Moabite was selected to bear our kings, as she exemplified humility, and the correct philosophy, although she was not even born a Jew. Marrying a convert actually has benefit, as they came to Judaism out of love, not out of being reared that way.
Many people judge others too quickly, and too superficially. This only demonstrates one's own insecurities. If one follows G-d's Torah, shows kindness to others, and is charitable in nature, these should be the traits we strive to find in others as friends, and as mates.
We must stop fabricating false, manufactured criteria by which to judge people. G-d's word must be what we follow. He designed us and knows what is best for us.
The Talmud says, in the place where Baalei Tshuva stand, even the righteous cannot stand. Recognize their effort expressed to attach themselves to the Torah. They have done so much more than us, and have more merit because of their toil and love.