Comparative Religions
Moshe Ben-Chaim
To whom this may concern:
I am doing a project for school and I am suppose to compare and contrast Judaism, Christianity and Islam:
If you can help me, I was wondering what are the main comparisons and contrast of Judism wand Islam and Christianity. I am looking for main concepts not specifics. For example, the belief of your religion and what is it based on ,etc
Thank you very much for your attention and your help
Judaism is based on the proof of One G-d.
Christianity has 'parts' to G-d, the trinity. This we do not hold is possible, as that which is non-physical (G-d) cannot be divided. Christianity believes that G-d made Himself mortal. This is an imperfect state, and a Perfect Being would not and could not do so.
Christianity and others are based on belief, Judaism, is based on proof, based on the indisputable event of Mt. Sinai, where over 2,000,000 people were present and witnessed miracles. The story of Mt. Sinai is even accepted by many other religions, as it is historically accurate.
Christianity and others are based on blind faith.
Judaism requires one to have "knowledge" of what one does and believes as true, all areas. As the Ibn Ezra says in Parshas Yisro, "if we had found a command and after careful study and consulting with the Rabbis we saw no reason for it, we would abandon it".
Christianity and Islam are based on the word of one "prophet".
Judaism is based on the testimony of over 2,000,000 people.
Christianity and others are based on emotional belief.
Judaism is based on a rational system of laws, understanding the explanations, and the requirement for one to spend his entire life in learning, minimizing his work, and maximizing his daily hours spent in study and analysis of thousands of laws, philosophical concepts, and not accepting them unless a rational proof is found.
Christianity and others are based on raising man above a mere mortal being with flaws, to one who is angelic.
Judaism is based on understanding G-d, and realizing man's feeble state. Even men of greatness are portrayed in the Torah as those who make errors. Man is not elevated to impossible heights of healers, miracle workers, or those unaffected by death. Man is mortal, he lives and dies, he cannot perform miracles without G-d's intervention and only has one element above an animal,...the rational faculty. Otherwise, man is an animal.

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