Corners - "Payiss"
Moshe Ben-Chaim

Reader: I want to know some info about the curls that Jewish men grow please forgive my ignorance on this subject i don't know what they are called or what denomination practices this or why

Mesora: The curls need not be curls. One needs only not to cut the sideburns above the bone line which is about mid-ear. What we are commanded is not to cut our hair as the idolaters used to. Many laws are for the sole purpose of distancing the Jew from idolatry - the one act more antithetical to Torah than all others. Idolatry claims there are forces outside God, whereas Judaism holds that God is One. Since they cut their hair this way - above the bone line - we do not, so we are dissimilar, and break identification with them, thereby safeguarding us as much as possible from desiring to mimic them.

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