Discounting Miracles
Moshe Ben-Chaim
Reader: I had a secular class a long time ago that talked about how many of G-d's miracles were hidden (wrong word) as natural phenomenon. What made me think about this was seeing your JewishTimes cover of the parting of the Red Sea. I had heard that Moses would have actually crossed the Reed Sea, not the Red Sea. That area had a tendency to be dry but would experience flash flooding and that may have accounted for the miracle. I have also heard that at certain times during the millennia, certain chemicals and reactions were happening in the atmosphere that would have created a substance that could have fallen to the earth and were edible - possibly Manna.
Mesora: It always amuses me when I hear of such far-fetched attempts at explaining away religion. Isn't it interesting that such phenomena are not seen or heard of today? Yet, these suggestions are conveniently proposed to have taken place at the precise times when God's miracles took place! How convenient. During my life, I have not heard any news report on Channel 7 describing chemical substances which are edible, and that fall from the sky. This never took place in the US this year, nor in Paris during the 1700's. Nor do we hear the NY Times suggesting that there was an earthquake which split the Baltic Sea in the 1400's. No. We hear the NY Times suggesting an earthquake that occurred precisely when the Jews arrived at the Red Sea 3315 years ago. We hear suggestions that during the 40 years in the desert, some rare, edible chemicals fell from the sky, precisely over the area where the Jews journeyed, and that these chemicals followed the Jews travels through the desert, precisely for those 40 years, and in the precise quantity of chemicals required to sustain those Jews. Additionally, such chemicals fell on a daily basis, unlike any other natural phenomena. It also just happened to occur when God told the people he was sending Manna - discounting God's word.
Allow me to display the absurdity more clearly: "In New York City, it rained, and only in the morning, in a 20 block radius which needed water, it rained the exact quantity required for each and every one of those New Yorkers, it did so for 40 years, and followed only those townspeople down every street they traveled, and it only stopped raining when the people all found jobs."
This is the credibility of the NY Times and any irrational person supporting such claims - a fool is wiser. Clearly, the proponents of these ludicrous claims have a desire to explain away God and His miracles, thereby freeing themselves to live with no obligation to God's Torah and His commandments, be they 7 for gentiles, or 613 for Jews.
Israelis who claim Israel as their land, but do not observe God's Torah, are similarly at odds with reality. Their claim to Israel comes only from Abraham's divine gift of Israel from God. These Israelis who say Israel is theirs, pick and choose which parts of the Torah they wish to follow. They accept the section in which God's promises Israel to Abraham and his descendants, but they ignore the rest of the Torah requiring their observance the commandments - commandments which would give them such joy in their life. But no, they feel they have a better solution to life than God.
So let them continue in their denial of reality and in their contradiction, and let them eat the fruits of their actions. They will continue to bury their relatives, as they abandon God's Torah, and God abandons them.
The message is clear, as is the proof of God's word. He created the world, and favored Abraham's monotheistic truths. God then created a nation from Abraham to circulate and direct the rest of mankind towards what is true and real. God then gave Israel the Torah to perfect their lives. Subsequently He gave Israel as a safe haven for the practice of that Torah.
God created the human being, He knows what is best for our happiness. He controls all and as His miracles show, He can stop Arab violence immediately, just as he terminated the Egyptians. No army stands a chance against Him. But Israel has decided a different course; the Creator is not as strong as foreign dollars. Israel decided to placate those who finance her, instead of using proper military action to permanently end the murders. For the act of kidnapping his nephew Lote, Abraham warred against those four, mighty kings. They didn't kill Lote, they kidnapped him. But this was grounds enough for Abraham to attack.
Today, Israel restrains her hands from doing that which reason and every moral demands. Israel cowers to other nations requests, instead of accepting the reality of God. That is as simply as I can put it. Israel's reality is foreign dollars and global acceptance, and this she values more than the lives of her own people. I ask you Israel, if life does not weigh more than politics, what are you trying to save? Compliance with foreign demands just so you can continually be blown to bits is no goal to be supported.
Israel, if you accept that God gave the land of Israel to you, then read the rest of His words. They state that abandoning Him results in His abandon of you. But if you follow Him, history has proven His abilities to do defend us from any evil. Military actions devoid of Torah adherence will not prevail. Both, military maneuvers, and Torah adherence are required. As long as God is not a reality to you Israel, you will not be a reality to Him.
You cannot have God's land without God.

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