Does God Work Logically?
Moshe Ben-Chaim
Reader: The world works through logic. So G-d obviously created the world with logic that now is. Do you feel G-d was bound (like the examples in Can G-d do Anything? ) create the world with the logic that now is?
Mesora: Since God desires that all mankind understand reality - reality being truths about God and creation - God therefore designed man with the apparatus of the mind or soul, which functions precisely to understand worldly phenomena and metaphysical truths.
Our mind operates through cause and effect relationships, and we are therefore limited in our understanding in comparison to God. Additionally, our mode of understanding is, as Maimonides states, "that of the observer", whereas "God has knowledge of the Creator". This is very important, as it teaches that God's method of knowing does not depend on perceiving, but is qualitatively different than man's method of knowing which is exclusively derived from perception. Without perception via the five senses, man cannot "learn" anything. God however has knowledge of all, as He created everything. By definition we cannot know how God knows, as His knowledge is not a derived knowledge, it does not function by cause and effect, and therefore, it is beyond the scope of human intelligence.
Proof that God does not perceive is based on the fact that all physical matter was created by God subsequent to Himself. This means that God existed in His perfect, all-knowing form before His introduction of physical matter which He originated from nothingness. His all-knowing state existed before anything perceptible by the senses existed. His knowledge then is not based on perception, as He had knowledge before the possibility of perception existed.
Based on these arguments, we must say that God does not function with "logic" as we refer to it, as our logic is sequential in nature, and God is not bound by the rules which He created, i.e., cause and effect, and sequence.
We cannot have any positive knowledge of God in our existing form, as stated by Maimonides, all man's knowledge of God is only negative knowledge, that is, we can only know what God is not, but we cannot know what He is. The reason being, all our thoughts are tied to the physical world in one way or another. As God is in no way connected to the physical, there is no way man can have any true, positive concept of God.
Our use of the term "logic" in reference to God's mode of function must be used euphemistically. It simply teaches us what God is not. "Logic" would then only be used in reference to God to teach that He does not act haphazardly and without perfect reason, or without justice.

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