Extraterrestrial Life: Its Impact on our View of God

Moshe Ben-Chaim

Life cannot create itself; nothing can create itself. We know not what God is, but we know that an original source of all existences is required to explain the precise design and existence of the universe.

What issues do extraterrestrial life pose to religion? The answer is “none.” For if such life exists, it too requires a Creator. But remain focused: extraterrestrial life remains unsubstantiated. And even if proven, in what manner would new life forms impact our Bible? In no way does the existence of intelligent life elsewhere impact Biblical truths. God remains the Creator; all life remains indebted to God. Extraterrestrial life also requires God. 

If extraterrestrial life exists, it too ponders the very question we discuss, and will be equally amazed at the existence of life on Earth as we are at life elsewhere.

After the amazement and novelty wears off, both Earthly life and extraterrestrial life will still focus their attention on how we all got here.

God alone – the being who exists without any creation – will remain the most awed existence.