Danielle Shefi - Killed at age 5

Danielle Shefi’s mother saw her daughter breathe her last breath, she said, “Anyone capable of looking a 4-year-boy and a 5-year-girl in the face and then shooting them is not human.”



Facing Reality

Rabbi Moshe Ben-Chaim

Denial is a devious foe. It caters to many agendas, luring us into harmful decisions, blinding us with visions of success and peace.

With Arafat gone, can we hope for a peace agreement with other Arab leaders? We must be brutally honest when weighing both sides, and accept only what reason dictates, regardless of our dreams being crushed. Dreams are for those asleep.

Denial is our own demon. A demon which we must not run from, but approach head-on, and approach it now. Dreaming of peace will not replace a child violently killed by ruthless, homicidal, Arab bombers. There are no such people called “Palestinians”. They are Arabs, and that must be understood clearly. Arafat himself was not born in Palestine.

What causes the numerous and terminally wasteful talks to continue between the Arabs and Israel? I believe there is a conflict in us which stems from two fatal errors; 1) An Arab child cannot become a homicide bomber, 2) Adult bombers can repent. These two tragic mistakes are literally killing us. With some people, there can never be a light at the end of the tunnel. A people who encourage their children to kill themselves and others; a people who kill their own, dragging their bodies in the street; and a people who killed a 5 year old Danielle Shefi, are not human, and cannot be treated as human, nor may their “talks” be trusted. Certainly, when they do nothing to reverse Arafat’s multimedia indoctrination of children into the ranks of homicidal bombers and martyrs.

In His Torah, God commands man to wipe out a city of idolatry, people who harm only themselves. We are also commanded by God to wipe out the murderous Amalekites. God destroyed Sodom. He wiped out the world with the Flood. In all these cases, children were not spared. Ask yourselves, “Is God right or wrong by condemning children?” There is one answer: God created morality, so it is ludicrous for man to oppose God. King Solomon taught, (Ecclesiastes, 5:1) “Don’t be excited (with) your mouth, and do not hasten to bring forth words before God, for God is heaven and you are on Earth, therefore let your words be few”. If you are sympathetic to these children, realize that these child terrorists would not be sympathetic to your children, not even to a carriage-bound infant. They would proudly blow themselves up along with your son and daughter.

Choose who you want to live, and who to die. Israel possesses the ability and the power to correct the problem. Right now, Israel’s inactivity translates into murder. Israel has one decision; follow God’s morality or be killed through passivity. God has tremendous resources, if you would admit His presence and ability. If only Israel would not concede to other influences, but admit His laws as absolute truths, as righteous, as the singular morality.

What is the obstacle? Most human beings cannot synthesize “child” with “suicide bomber” or “martyr”. This conflict stems from something deeper, something more personal. I refer to a specific self-image we all have, as a “caretaker for children”. We enjoy this self-image, and who can deny this sentiment? Not one of us. We all equate children with innocence - those who require our love and defense. What then happens is this; our guilt emerges as we consider an Arab child as a suicide bomber. This guilt causes us to reject that thought, and replace it with a nonsensical notion that there is potential good in these children. Time and time again, we return to “talks”. The correct response is, “There isn’t good in these children”. The proof: the very adults who kill children like Danielle Shefi used to be children themselves. Their corrupt society and religious philosophy trains and traps their Arab youth in this path of violence. More proof: many Arab teenagers blow themselves up. Our rejection of branding adults and children as murderers attributed to the reluctance of European Jews of leaving when they could, and they paid the price.

The Arab Muslim culture is not being changed. Why should we blindly assume that next generation’s “Palestinians” would be any better? What is in place to eradicate the decades of brainwashing? Arafat’s legacy is a group raised from kindergarten with the single goal: kill Jews. They will continue their downward spiral as a people favoring ruthless terrorism, and the obliteration of life. These deviant and cruel animals drench nails in rat-poison, encased in explosives so powerful; they tear through human flesh, as limbs are ripped off bodies. The Arabs will continue to celebrate as more American skyscrapers plunge downward, crushing and burning to death every innocent worker, with no chance to escape and to say goodbye to their loved ones. Their families weep for their loss, for the unimaginable pain suffered, while Arabs burn flags and celebrate their victory over our destruction.

I understand. Entertaining this reality alarms you. You are suddenly faced with a comparison between these violent Arab children, and your own. You ask yourself, “Can my own kids commit such atrocities?” Upon answering a very definite “No”, you then find it difficult to accept that ANY child is capable of such acts. But I warn you; you must set aside your sensitivity for “children” in general. This sensitivity causes you to deny that Hamas and Arab kids can become killers. For decades, this nation brainwashed its youth to live for murder. They live that way. We die that way.

It is so revolting when I hear a foolish reporter equate Israeli defense - (which never targets civilians, certainly not children) - to Arabs who uncork the champagne when a baby has been shot at point blank range. Danielle Shefi, you did not die in vain. You are remembered, and you serve to teach our leaders that time has come to defend life.

These trained Arabs are not going away. This must not be denied. We cannot talk to them. Such talk will never result in changing their evil schemes.

Their offspring are now as vicious as their parents. Even if a minority of Arabs opposes Arafat’s induction of children into the ranks of his cowardly army, we cannot maintain relations with a people who contain any remnant of terror, and certainly not with the Arabs, who breed this philosophy en masse. We must accept this fact and face reality. Complete avoidance with killers and liars must be our first priority. This nation, which does not admit its error, must not be negotiated with.

Mahmoud Abbas declared he would not use force against Hamas. So why is he a better partner than Arafat? As long as Abbas 1) will not use force against Hamas, and 2) allows even one Hamas member to live under Abbas’ controlled areas, Abbas is equal to Hamas, and the U.S. and Israel must treat him accordingly. President Bush’s words were, “I’ve said in the past that nations are either with us or against us in the war on terror.” Not demanding Abbas use force against Hamas is a clear denial. It will cause more deaths. Life must never gain ‘bargaining chip’ status. As long as anyone entertains discussions of peace with a people preaching martyrdom as a basic tenet, our end will be more deaths. Denial derails.

Statements like “...the recent agreement between the PA and Israel looks promising” are denials of a clear and present danger: Arafat’s Arab population of children, teenagers and adults, trained for decades to kill Jews, simply do not suddenly embrace peace. We have seen enough emailed film clips of kindergarten PA classes teaching violence. We have heard enough on PA radio urging increased bombings. And we have read enough of Arafat’s signatures ordering deadly weapons, and suicide brigades on Jews. By denying these facts, we endanger ourselves, and delay a real plan, which can have the hopes of shielding us from terror.

The real facts we must face:
1) Arafat was a killer.
2) The Palestinian drive for “peace” is not for itself, but only until they receive a land.
3) Arafat’s Arab society will continue to teach terrorism. For years, Arafat’s Arab children and teens have been trained to kill Jews. These children will soon become, what their parents are now - homicidal bombers. This will not change by itself.
4) These thousands of killers don’t vanish and they will be killing for decades to come, if we allow them.
5) Proximity to a terrorist nation is fatally foolish.
6) Israel never was, nor ever will be, home to “Palestinians.” Arafat’s claims to Israel are baseless, and contradict history.
7) American and foreign reporters of baseless anti-Semitic blood, intend to rewrite history with words such as “occupation”.