False Miracles
Moshe Ben-Chaim

Reader: What is your opinion of miraculous stories happening to Rabbis?

Mesora: I heard this question before, as well as an answer: One must not accept stories of miracles, unless witnessed by masses. This is the reason why G-d created the event of Mount Sinai as "proof" of His existence. G-d understands that man must not accept miracles, unless he either sees them, or learns by proof that there were masses at the event who witnessed the miracle. There were no masses at event such as you describe, so by Torah standards, and rationality, we cannot accept such stories.


Reader: So you are saying not to read the stories of Rabbis' miracles?

Mesora: I am saying that without proof, we do not accept stories of miracles, be it about Rabbis, or about Moses. Proof is the basis from our knowledge. We don't "believe" stories because they are popular, found in books, or repeated by Rabbis. The only proof is what is rational, and what G-d instructed: that masses be verified at the event, and the miracle was intelligible by a regular person.

I don't mean that we don't fully accept all the miracles in the Torah about Moses. We most certainly do. This is because all miracles G-d performed in connection with Moses and the Jews, were witnessed by masses. If we were told about someone as great as Moses, that a miracle happened, we would not accept this as truth,...unless there were masses who witnessed it.
It is for this reason that we don't believe in Jesus. There were no masses of witnesses, so the stories of his supposed miracles cannot be true.

G-d wanted a proof for Judaism, so he made a miracle for masses. This is the purpose for the miracles at Mount Sinai. G-d wants man to use his mind, and follow only what is provable, and reasonable. That is why He gave us intelligence.
I hope this is clear.