False Religions

Rabbi Moshe Ben-Chaim

Nothing can create itself. Whatever created man, also created his food and water, as man’s design demands these elements to sustain him. This reasoning can then be extended to all creations, like rain and suitable weather which too sustains human existence, and all animal life which is very similar to human life, and which provides man with food, with labor like plowing, and leather. Forests and quarries provide building materials. The Earth as a whole is designed to sustain human life. Even the sun provides energy that fosters growth and life on Earth. It is all part of a wise system, pointing to a wise Creator. There’s no reason to suggest more than one wise Creator, as His wisdom encompasses all creations; as He can create one thing, He can create all.

It is only man’s fantasy that creates new gods. He creates them due to an infantile insecurity. He seeks to replace his parental images that he has now outgrown, for he sees his parents are no more powerful than he is. His fantasy of invincible parents that protected him vanishes in adulthood. Man is scared, so he invents new religions, superstitious powers, palm readers and luck. He imagines reincarnation is real to defeat his fear of death. But these invented powers and religions are mere fantasy, with no validation from reality. Man never witnessed any of these religions’ claims, like God impregnating Mary, or Jesus rising from the dead. No one witnessed Mohammed ascending to heaven. 

What do we know? What is validated from reality? We know there exists a Creator, as nothing creates itself. And God gave man senses, precisely so man accepts as real what his senses detect, and that man reject as fantasy what his senses do not detect.  As all religions’ claims are not validated, God demands we reject their claims. As superstitions, reincarnation, luck, omens, spirits, ghosts, magic, and satan were never witnessed, God demands we reject such fantasies. 

What is man’s purpose? He is the only being endowed with intellect. It is then clear: God desires that man follows his intellect. First and foremost, man must guide his relationship with God using intellect alone. This is why Judaism emerges as God’s only religion. It is the only religion where masses witnessed God’s communication of a religion to man. No other religion makes this claim. So no other religion is true.

Forget fantasies. Follow your senses.