Flawed Arguments 2
Moshe Ben-Chaim
Reader: I am impressed! You seem to be able to logically disprove the concept of gilgul that some of the greatest of rishonim - like Ramban (intro to Iyov and on Iyov 33:19), Rabbeinu Bachya (Kad HaKemach pp 150-151, 153), Abarbanel (on yibum), Rav Chasdai Crescas (end of Or Hashem) - accepted. Your ability to be machria in hashkafic matters and declare other opinions illogical places you among the greatest of Jewish thinkers. Praiseworthy is the generation that has merited to have you display with such certitude the wrongness of those rishonim on the internet.
Mesora: So, you then deride all the other Rishonim who reject gilgul.
Unfortunately, quoting sources was not a method used to decide fact, even by those who you quote! They used reason. Why not follow those you quote, and use reason to determine your views, instead of hiding behind reputations.
I would like to hear your rational explanation of gilgul. You have read mine, so you have material to work from. Show me my error.

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