Did Our Forefathers Observe the Torah?
Moshe Ben-Chaim
Reader: I have always been troubled by the assertion that our forefathers observed the 613 before Sinai. It sounded like revisionism to me. And it seems that the commentators (Rashi, I think) go to great lengths to explain away what seems obvious from the text, that Avraham served milk and meat to the visiting angels. They say he didn't.
How should I interpret the claim about the forefathers and the 613?
Mesora: Egypt didn't exist during Abraham's time, so how could he be celebrating Passover, before the very event commemorated happened? A rabbi once taught that when the Rabbis say that Abraham and the forefathers kept the entire Torah, it means they upheld actions and ideals which were in line with the very perfections derived from the Torah. It teaches us metaphorically that the forefathers were not missing any of the perfections which God placed in the Torah.

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