"BUT the orthodox have no right whatever to FORCE halacha on the majority of Jews in Israel. Again, the concept of choice is the keystone of religious freedom."
Mesora: What do you do with the Jewish court system which imposes capital punishment on murderers? Do you rid Judaism of this as it "forces" people to stay in line with the system?
Who are you and what credentials do you have to claim that G-d does not recognize conservative or reform tradition. That is pure arrogance. To call either a "corrupt system" is to me highly abrasive. You are telling me that I belong to a "corrupt system". I and most Jews in Israel completely reject that concept. Do you also call Catholic and Protestant churches corrupt because they do not believe in the 613 commandments? I find your attitude an insult.
Mesora: By your own admission, Reform and Conservatism are relatively new. Meaning, it doesn't date back to Sinai. G-d evidently didn't give a Reform system. G-d gave a different system. The nations of the world attest to this by retention of the Chumash. Man made Reform later. The name itself, "Reform" reveals that it is a modified version of an earlier work. What was wrong with what G-d created? Are we trying to teach G-d that He made a few mistakes, and now we have to modify it for Him?
Yes. Catholic and Protestant churches are corrupt. They deny the basic design of man, making him feel guilty for human desires, killing in the name of the Church, and many other atrocities. You approve of such a system?
"Yes, conservative and reform Judaism are relatively new movements which meet the needs of some of the finest Jews who have ever lived. "
Mesora: Meeting the needs doesn't validate something.
It even may be because their beliefs are somewhat different than yours. EVERY Jew should have the opportunity to practice his/her Judaism as he/she wishes consistent with an honest belief. You have no right whatever to demand by law in Israel that the observance of religion be conducted only your way. Again you have every right to your beliefs but you may not force your beliefs on me. I do not in any way shape or form belong to a "corrupt" belief system!
Mesora: Show me where G-d gave the system in it's Reformed or Conservative state?
Understand that I am not attacking you. I am attacking a system. You should not take this personally. If you do, it is your choice. I would voice these arguments against my own brother if he would speak them. I do not see a rational explanation for following that which G-d didn't create.
What exactly is the reason you chose reform over Orthodoxy? What were your considerations in selecting one over the other? Did you research both of them? If so, what did you base your conclusion on? I would like to know.
Again, I do not know you, and therefore have no animosity. My attempts are to learn what is clearly true, and expose what is clearly false. One's selection of a philosophy in life should be based on his highest element - his intellect, not his emotions. I see many Jews today among the Orthodox wearing red strings on their wrists to ward off evil spirits. This is idolatry. I am not partial to someone just because he's orthodox. The truth is that this site was developed to correct many false notions among the orthodox, not as an attack on other groups.
It is sicknesses like idolatrous practices that incensed me, and was the impetus for me to create a website to vocalize truths which can be proved to the mind.
The same applies to our conversations. We should not be interested in equal recognition of each other. Do you recognize Jews for Jesus? I hope not.
What we should be involved in is carefully analyzing what the best life is, by using rational arguments, not by demanding equal recognition. If something is true, it will stand up to the test of reason and proof. If it doesn't it shouldn't be followed. just like in business, when a marketing strategy doesn't work, it is dropped.
We should not care that many people are following something. There is no rational reason for recognizing a movement just because a spokesperson demands to be recognized. If Hitler started a movement today, should he be recognized?
We have to base our selection of a philosophy on its ideas alone, not its spokepersons, not its numbers.
Just because there is a movement, doesn't make its tenants correct.

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