Can G-d Change?
Moshe Ben-Chaim
According to Deuteronomy 6:15 G-d is described as " jealous " and capable of great anger that can " destroy thee from off the face of the Earth." Yet in one of your articles you clearly state that G-d is not effected by our actions, only we are. Therefore, is the above passage using metaphors?


When our actions result in G-d's administration of just results, its not necessarily that He is administering the justice at the "present". For G-d sets up the system of justice to mete out reward and punishment, as He set up the system of precipitation to rain at specific times when the Jews deserve it.
He knows what man will do in advance, and has built into the system, the time for release and retention of just dispensation.
We therefore do not affect G-d in anyway, We are merely bringing ourselves in and out of providential benefit when we obey or disobey His laws. This system was set in motion (thousands of years ago in human terms) by Him.
Maimoinides allegorizes the phenomena of one benefiting from Providential action, as a substance coming closer to a flame.
At the distance, it's illuminated.
Closer, it feels heat.
Closer, it can be melted.
So too is how one is in connection with G-d. Just as the flame goes unchanged, yet the object experiences change, so also, when one approaches G-d, he experiences the benefit of His providence, although G-d has gone unchanged, as He being perfect, any change would necessarily imply corruption.

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