Gentile Inequality – A Misconception


Moshe Ben-Chaim




Reader: I don’t understand that if Abraham was not a Jew, why is it so far fetched to consider that the gentiles may be his descendants as well. 

Mesora: You are correct; many Gentiles are his descendants.


Reader: Also, according to the Torah, didn’t those other than Jews travel the wilderness with Moses?  If they chose to go out of Egypt rather than bow to other gods, it seems to me that their descendants would have been raised with the same theology. Thus, they must have been converted down the line as well. And on approaching Canaan, the Jews were told by G-d to destroy the Canaanites so as not to be tempted to bow the false gods.  That says to me that the Jews and those traveling with them were not idol worshipers, or else, G-d would have had the Jews destroy any of their traveling companions who were.

Mesora: Without proof, we cannot assume who did or who didn’t convert. The fact that many Jews defected to idolatry teaches that although Abraham taught many, this does not insure that these people and their descendants remained true to monotheism.


Reader: And finally, I don’t just believe that Hashem is the One and only, true G-d, I know He is. Therefore, it is difficult for me to accept that the gentiles are nothing to Him.  We may not be His chosen ones, but he certainly must have created us for a purpose.  So if we’re not allowed to study the Torah {I do agree that we should not teach it- even if we could), or not bound by the same laws, then how can we gentiles ever expect to share in His Salvation? 

Mesora: G-d does not view the Gentiles as any less worthy of life and perfection than Jews. The proof: G-d created every member of mankind, and gave each one of us a soul. This teaches that G-d desires each of us use this soul, our intellect, to arrive at the proper life outlined in His Torah. It is a false notion harbored by many Jews and Gentiles, that Jews are superior as to others. The Talmud teaches that a righteous Gentile is equal to the High Priest. Our only difference is that G-d desired that we study and teach the Torah…to all mankind. This designation was based on Abraham’s perfection – a Gentile – and not our own greatness, and G-d’s selection of his seed to lead all people in the form of Torah recipients and educators. This is verified by the verses in Genesis 18:18-19, “And Abraham will surely be a great nation and mighty, and all nations will bless him. For I know that he will command his son and his household after him, and they will guard the way of G-d, to do charity and justice in order that I bring upon Abraham that which I spoke on him.” G-d teaches us in these Torah verses that Abraham was deliberate in his teaching of monotheism, and that he would insure that his son Isaac and his household after him would stay firm in charity and justice. Human perfection is described by G-d throughout the Torah and Prophets as straddling these two perfections: charity and justice. Based on Abraham’s perfections, G-d concludes this verse teaching that He wished to bring upon Abraham the blessings He spoke of, i.e., that He would multiply his seed as the stars in heaven. (Gen. 15:5)


Reader: It seems to me that learning all we can about Hashem and doing His Will, would make the Messiah’s job a lot easier when he comes.

Mesora: There is nothing “difficult’ for G-d, or for Him to be successful with His Messiah. But you are correct that all people – Gentile and Jew alike – must strive to devote as much of our energies as possible to Torah study in the areas each of us is commanded to perform.


Reader: Certainly G-d is patient, forgiving, loving, just and merciful (to name a few) and perhaps this is an over implication - but I think of it as having several children, and favoring one over the rest. This does not mean the rest are not worthy and are not loved, but their characters may be much different. And ironically the favored one is expected to perform better, just as G-d’s chosen Jews are held to a higher standard and more is expected of them. So the bottom line is this; instead of discouraging the Gentiles, which may turn them to other religions, take a lesson from the messianic churches that are trying to convert the Jews to Christianity, but with one big difference: openly. Of course I wouldn’t expect the Orthodox Jews to advance the Torah sneakily anyway as the Messianic Christian’s do. 

Mesora: If what you mean is that Jews should convert Gentiles, this is not G-d’s command to us. And while I believe that any person would benefit in a greater measure when adhering to all of G-d’s commands, this is a personal decision, and must not be mandated by anyone or any religion, but the person himself. Otherwise, where is the perfection in coerced, religious practice? 


Christians and Mormons intent on the continued coercion of conversions must consider this point: man’s perfection – as so perfectly exemplified by Abraham – is his “own” thought process, which leads him to discover new truths about reality, and G-d’s will, and enacting these perfections. And unless one is acting from his own decision, he merits absolutely nothing by parroting. So forced conversions are truly meaningless, let alone the absurd practice of post mortem conversion acted out by Mormons.


I would conclude by reminding you that our greatest Kings, David and Solomon, and our Messiah, are all descendants of Ruth - the convert. If G-d selected Ruth, a former Moabite, to be the ancestor of our kings and Messiah, this is a conclusive proof that G-d does not favor the Jew over His other creations. Certainly, G-d’s creation of a nation from Abraham proves this point too.


Look to G-d’s words to determine what His will is - not man’s ignorance.