Gentiles Observing Sabbath


Moshe Ben-Chaim



Reader: My name is xxxxxxxx and I am a Ger.
I have been reading the Tanach after my first mistake in buying the Torah put out by Jews for Xians. I am so very interested in a dialogue with you as to the many questions I have. One that comes to mind is that the Noachide Laws don't include the Sabbath {Saturday} which I try to follow as best I know how. I believe completely in Hashem - Blessed be His Holy Name - as Master of the Universe and the One and only true G-d. Nevertheless, I am confused as to what is expected of me as a gentile. It would be very helpful if I knew what is the correct way to keep the Sabbath. At present I spend most of the day reading the Tanach. My husband has a class reunion coming up which will be on a Saturday evening, with dinner at 7:00. It is out of State. As of now, I am not planning to attend with him because I'm not sure its proper. I'm looking forward to a reply and thank you in advance.


Mesora: It is not permitted for a Gentile to observe the Sabbath.
You may study what applies to Noachide laws, but the nature of the Sabbath is a day, which highlights the distinction of the Jews as selected by G-d to teach the world. The Jew's identification must not be diluted, and this is all for the sake of keeping our identity distinct so Gentiles as you may know whom to contact for education on G-d's will. It is not to our merit that G-d selected the Jews, but it is only a merit to the founder, Abraham, who himself was Noachide.


Based on a subsequent question of a reader, I correct myself and add that a gentile may observe the Sabbath partially. It is the complete observance of the Sabbath, which is forbidden.