German Atrocities
Moshe Ben-Chaim
Reader: How were families treated in the Holocaust?
Mesora: The Germans purposefully trumped up charges on families, separated them, even children did not see their parents nor did they ever think they would see them again. A horrific thought for both the parents and the children. The Germans did the unthinkable - crimes of physical torture, humiliation, rape, suffocating of women to their deaths by forcing their faces into piles of animal waste (dung). They ripped organs from live people. An army captain once found a man with only half of his upper body nailed to a wooden platform, his lower body was torn from him. They ripped out a woman's vagina with no anesthesia and let her bleed to death. They performed different medical tests on many subjects, only to destroy their lives from disease and malformations. The Germans then hung the sexual organs of both women and men in their offices as "trophies". They made lamps out of human skin, and pillows out of human hair. They saved the Jews shoes, but killed the Jews.
God said in the Torah "lo tishcach", "don't forget", regarding Amalek. Hitler is Amalek. PLO are Amalek. Don't think man won't steep to this level again. A Rabbi spoke with someone close to Germans today who said todays Germans are no different. The war might be over, but the same hate exists.
Be on guard for it, and don't allow people to say, "let's make amends with the Germans", or "let bygone be bygones". We cannot allow even a small amount of this hatred to go uncensored. We must always publicize any Nazi, neo-Nazi as intolerable and racist, and we must eradicate injustice and bring them to court.
Do not be lax in this as it only allows them one step closer to completing Hitler's plan.

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