God's Plan for Abraham
Moshe Ben-Chaim
Question: Why did God start Judaism with Abraham? Why was their a need for a change?
Mesora: Abraham was an individual who understood and could teach the right ideas of life, God, and the world. God desired that all mankind be aware of truths, and follow lives discovering ideas about the world, and ultimately about God. This is man's purpose, as is seen from man's exclusive gift of a mind. No other being has this faculty.
Abraham spent many years pondering the universe, arriving at profound ideas of philosophy, and monotheism. Since Abraham followed what God's original plan was for man, a life in pursuit of truth, God desired that the rest of the world benefit from Abraham's findings. He therefore selected him to become a leader of a nation, a nation which would be provided with a system (the Torah) for guiding man towards these truths. This is expressly stated in Genesis, 18:19,"For I know (him) that he will command his children and his household after him and they will keep the way of God to do charity and justice...."
Abraham had a very unique mind and not all of mankind could arrive at truths without the guidance he had. The system of knowledge enclosed in the Torah affords mankind the ability to discover the profound ideas as Abraham did. Man is commanded to be the teacher in his home, as he is more available to spend hours in daily study. He is most fit to teach and direct his household. Similarly, the Jews (Abraham's nation) are entrusted with the study of Torah to teach the rest of mankind.
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