Hair Covering
Moshe Ben-Chaim
Hair covering is deduced from the incident where the unfaithful wife must by law, undo her hair.
It is then deduced that all Jewish women didn't have their hair dressed wildly. It was set discretely.
A Rabbi further taught an insight that hair covering is a representation of one's inner nature, and as such, the Torah saw fit to teach this idea, (not as an outright command, as this would imply teaching us to go against our emotional disposition) but as an inference, implying that it is clearly understood and accepted as behavior, and not needed to be an outright command.
Judaism has as a main thrust, the observance of modesty, where G-d does not share the focus with man's ego. G-d is the focus, not man.
The reason for hair covering is to teach that a woman after marriage is in a new state of life, one where she is not scouting the market anymore. She demonstrates this by displaying a conservative approach to her most prized feature of beauty.
Moshe Ben-Chaim

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