History and G-d
Moshe Ben-Chaim

Response of a reader after reading Torah from Sinai article:
"The existence of these supposed "witnesses" (reference is to Jews at Mt. Sinai) is as questionable as anything. There is no proof whatsoever that these witnesses witnessed anything. The fact that some book says so does not mean that it actually happened..........."
You deny the existence of Caesar? Or other historical facts? If mass conspiracy is something you believe to fall under the category of "possibility", we cannot go on, as I see as true that mass conspiracy cannot exist.

You will agree with me that the rules of evidence are different when you deal with a meaningless proposition, or when you are trying to prove that GOD SPOKE to people, and He told them that they should do lots of WEIRD things (like killing animals and burning them to make him happy).
Rules of evidence do not change regardless of the story one is trying to validate.
Also, we do not do anything FOR G-d. It is for US to offer animals, as it awakens in us the fact that we are the ones who should be offered.
G-d does not need man, or his prayers. This is childish.
G-d does not partake of anything human such as "needs".
G-d created the first human, Adam, and prior to Adam, there was no such thing as a "psyche" which
has needs.
G-d has no needs.
People think this only because people can't imagine another being which is different than man. This is close mindedness.
I believe that G-d created the various species of animals, for example, to teach us that just as there are creatures which vary exceedingly, that this variation can be applied to a comparison between man and G-d.
There are fish with no eyes, but navigate through ultra-sensitive sensory organs lined in their sides, squids which move by jet engine-type functions. And according to one shita, the Snake mentioned in Genesis was a real creature, but did not have a full psyche as we do.
Certainly then, the Creator of all things is not bound by the rules which He makes. If He can create beings, some with and some without specific organs, functions, and the like, then He, being the Master of creation can be
very different, and even unknowable.
G-d created an entire animal kingdom, not one of these creatures can perform a simple 2+2=4 equation. They are devoid of mathematical capabilities. Similarly, He created us with ignorance of His true nature. "Ki lo yirani adam v'chai". "Man cannot know me and live".
To begin assuming things about G-d is very dangerous, as you forfeit your entire chalek in olam haba.

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