Does G-d have Gender?
Moshe Ben-Chaim
I have a hard time understanding why Jews refer to G-D as "Father" and "King." We know that G-D has no gender, so can we also refer to G-D as our Mother or our Queen? Can we refer to G-D as it?
There is a rule in the way the Torah writes, "deebare Torah k'lashon bnei adam", "the Torah speaks in the language of man". This means that the Torah was written in a manner of the vernacular of man, so that man gains certain concepts even through the style of the written Torah. We are bidden not to offer additional styles, so we cannot say that G-d is She or It. The reason G-s is referred to as male, is that the male is the one who is responsible for teaching ideas. The female has a different role.
It is true that G-d has no gender, however, more respect as a Teacher is derived by man when He is referred to in the masculine. Similarly, a king is imbued with more respect than a queen, therefore the Torah desires to utilize terminologies which generate the most respect towards G-d. He does not need our respect, rather, it is for our benefit. As we pay more respect to G-d - utilizing masculine terms - we will have a deeper appreciation that His words have greater depth of meaning, and we will strive to uncover the hidden pearls of wisdom.
I would suggest you read the beginning chapters of Maimonide's work, "Guide for the Perplexed". It is a very profound book, and deals with proper word translations when applied to man, and when applied to G-d.
Moshe Ben-Chaim

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