Is Islam Based on Truth?
- Part II-


Rivka Olenick




The majority of the world assumes that Islam is based on true monotheism, Judaism does not. Islam attempts to be recognized as believers in one god even though Mohammud was a navi sheker (false prophet). The world knows that God chose the Jewish nation to represent the truth that the world cannot tolerate. And therefore, we await the Messiah.


According to the Rambam, when the Jewish people became a monotheistic nation, all the polytheistic (those believing in many gods) nations realized that their beliefs were being challenged. So they joined forces with the goal to destroy Israel and the Jews, falsify monotheism and Judaism, and replace it with their false monotheism: Islam. Every attempt at killing and oppressing Jews was made to convince the Jews that their beliefs were futile and untrue. Not only did the Jews not convert under great pressure, they held more steadfast to Judaism. Much of man-kind recognized the superiority of Israel, but not in practical terms regarding Jewish law. Great efforts continued to undermine the Torah and destroy Israel. "And this is a remarkable plot which is used by the very evil man attempting to kill his enemy; and when this fails, he tries to kill himself together with his enemy" (From the Rambam's Igeret Teiman, Chapter 1 - Letters to Teiman). We clearly see that the Rambam described the evil, as a perverted "suicide bomber." Only the technology is more sophisticated!


In order to find an intellectual way and continue to undermine the monotheistic beliefs of the Jews, Islam was formed to pose as monotheism: fake monotheism. Their aim was to prove that the Torah of Israel was untrue and that monotheism according to Torah ideals and beliefs was untrue. Judaism preceded Islam. The Torah makes no mention of Islam or the Koran. The Koran (Islam's bible) states that the Jews corrupted the authentic scriptures. To the contrary, Islam warped and corrupted our sacred scriptures in order to validate their own distorted religious beliefs. Islam created an artificial combination of laws that were structured in a superficial way by man. Once again in order to undermine the Jewish religion, Islam's attempt was to counterfeit the Torah. However, Judaism is the only authentic and true religion. The entire system of commandments and beliefs are all tied to and work together with the creation and perfection of mankind. God, in His great wisdom willed it to exist this way. No nation has been able to or will be able to sever the covenant between God and the Jewish people.



It is God's plan that all other nations believe in true, authentic monotheism, ONE GOD - that all people believe in the absolute truth of Torah and recognize the Jewish people as the teachers of truth. That all people acknowledge the land of Israel as the land designated to the Jewish people by God.

We are His nation, the recipients of His covenant and we wait with joy for Him to send us The Messiah.

"And the entire world will be filled with the knowledge of God" Isiah 11:9

To be continued.