Sean wrote:
Daniel prophesied the construction of the second Temple, while informing the Israelites their messiah would appear and vanish before the Temple was destroyed.  Therefore, the messiah appeared before 70 CE, because that's when the rebuilt Temple was destroyed by the Roman army leader Titus (Daniel 9:26).  Daniel wrote this prophecy after the first Temple was destroyed, yet before the Temple was rebuilt.  It is therefore indisputable that the messiah appeared before the rebuilt Temple was destroyed.  According to most Jewish scholars this messiah is Coresh.  If you agree with these scholars, please answer these questions:
How did Coresh disappear and vanish (Daniel 9:26)?
Mesora: Why can't he disappear? Messiah, (in line with my last e-mail to you) doesn't mean THE FINAL messiah. Messiah can also be used, as done here, to mean 'someone who will save'. Just like Moses lived and died, and was surely a messiah, Coresh too for rebuilding the temple was referred to as a messiah.
Sean.Schaeffer: Why did he disappear and vanish?
Mesora: Humans die. That's nature. Judaism doesn't believe in supernatural traits except when applied to G-d. Even miracles which Moses did were executed by G-d. When Pharaoh asked of Moses to stop the plagues, Moses left the city and prayed to G-d to stop them. He did this, for Moses knew that Moses had no power to suspend natural laws created by the Supreme being G-d. Christianity missed the mark here. They idolize man into that which he is not. And then claim to just have 'blind faith'. This is required because there is no proof to religions other than Judaism, such as Christianity.
Sean.Schaeffer: Where did he go?
Mesora: This is an irrelevant point.
Sean.Schaeffer: Also, why isn't Coresh's life written in the Holy Scriptures?
Mesora: G-d did not see fit . Some areas are only in G-d's hands, and we cannot answer. Why did G-d create the Earth and man? We don't know, as we cannot project motives onto G-d. Motives is a human phenomena, not a G-dly one.
Sean.Schaeffer: No prophet or messiah of God was left unwritten in the Holy Scriptures; not even the least of the minor prophets.
*       Can you think of any prophet or messiah of God that was left unwritten in the Holy Scriptures?
Mesora: Again, Coresh wasn't THE messiah. He was A messiah.
Sean: In my opinion it is conflicting and inconsistent to conclude that God would tell Daniel to inform the Israelites of "Coresh" in Daniel 9:25, and then have nothing Scriptural written about him and his accomplishments now that he's appeared.  It would be like having God inform us of Moses' appearance, yet have nothing written in the Holy Scriptures about Moses.  God is consistent.  If Coresh was the prophesied anointed one of Daniel 9:25-26, he'd be in the Holy Scriptures, because that's how God reveals His prophets.
He reveals His prophets in the Holy Scriptures so that we won't have the inaccuracy of speculating who was or wasn't His prophet or messiah.  As with Jesus, the people of Jeremiah's day questioned whether or not he was the prophet to obey, but nobody questions Jeremiah anymore because God had him and his accomplishments recorded in the Holy Scriptures.
*       Coresh isn't even professed to be in any Holy Scriptures by anyone. God will not allow us to inaccurately speculate our opinions on who were His prophets etc., therefore, where are the Holy Scriptures concerning Coresh?
Even if one doesn't accept that Yehoshua (Jesus) is the Messiah, or believe the new covenant as being the Holy Scriptures, His life and accomplishments are written down as Holy Scripture
Mesora: Not true. The new testament is not part of scripture.
Sean: .....and His life was powerful enough to have influenced the entire earth for nearly two thousand years thus far.
Mesora: There's no proof to Jesus' miracles. For proof of historical events, masses are needed to be present at the event to verify that it wasn't a hoax. Jesus' so called miracles never existed. Had they existed, the entire world would accept them as is done with G-d's miracles of Egypt and the Red Sea. However, only Christians accept Jesus' miracles, even without proof. Jews know that they didn't occur, and one nation disbelieving is enough to punch holes in a historical theory. Just as no one ever opposed the fact that Caesar was the Roman emperor, and this unanimous
opinion is what creates our 100% conviction, so also with any other historical event. If there is not 100% consensus on the facts, then it cannot be true.
It is important to note that just because we find millions of people following Jesus, this does not mean that his stories are true, it does not mean that his theories are right, and it certainly does not mean that the Christian followers of today have thought out their actions.
Why do you think that all preachers are charismatic? If their ideas were accurate, they could depend on the content to win over people. This is why debating scientists do not get up on the pedestal and sing to their audiences with chanting tunes as preachers when giving a lecture. They do not need to. Their ideas are based on fact. If their theories are false, their students will say so. If they are true, they will accept them,......without any chanting.
Preachers however are merely trying to win over people with their charisma, as their content lacks any rationale.
The bottom line is that G-d created only one type of man. If you find any person with kidney problems of a certain type, whether he's black or white, tall or short, blond or brunette, Asian or Caucasian, doctors will administer the same treatment, as the human body is essentially the same: 2 lungs, 2 kidneys, one heart, one brain, etc.
The same singular design exists for the mental half of man. All humans are created with love, hate, sorrow, pity, remorse, guilt, humor, and so on. Just as what works the same for the physical half of man to heal him, regardless of external features, so also what works best for man's mental equilibrium and happiness is consistent for ALL mankind.
G-d created one type of human. G-d created one system since there is only one human prototype.
This is the Torah. Historically proven to be given i a miraculous event on Mount Sinai in the year 2448 according to the Jewish calendar.
It is an unfortunate thing that so many people are misguided due to mere numbers as an argument. A rational person would not accept that gravity doesn't exist even if a billion people said so. We must apply the same scientific approach to religion and state objectively, without and prejudice towards the followers, that Christianity simply doesn't follow reason. Many Christians who have been brave enough to withstand disapproval of their peers have broken away from this blind faith of Christianity, and are secure in their reasoning. I have yet to find a Christian who claims that Christianity is based o reason.
Why should this most important area of one's life be empty of reason, and even on principle? In all other areas, we use our minds which G-d has given us a the mark of distinction from all of creation. Should we not use this mind when selecting a philosophy for ourselves? Of course we should.
I hope that those reading this will understand that I speak objectively when I disapprove of a religion, just as I would disapprove of a medicinal potion which is harmful.
This is how I wish my words to be understood, and I hope that rational and objective reflection will be prompted by these words, to the end that one uses their mind even in religious selection.
Rabbi Moshe Ben-Chaim

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