Jews for Jesus
Moshe Ben-Chaim
Reader: Shalom,
I am writing to ask for help: The mother of my daughter's husband grew up in a Jewish home; married a Jewish man in a Jewish ceremony; has been a member of a Shul for some time, 25+ years... And yet, she has "drifted" to the Jews for Jesus. She attributes this to the fact that her family was the only Jewish family in the Valley, and so they celebrated all the holidays; actually, according to their albums, they also had a christmas tree while my son-in-law was growing up! This change in outward behavior/beliefs has occurred over a short period of time, paralleling her husband being hospitalized for a surgical removal. At first, I attributed it to "grasping at straws," the way most people do in times of crises... But things have changed. She really DOES believe that jesus christ is the messiah, the lord and savior; in a rather heated argument between her and my daughter while they were visiting, she said as much to my daughter.
How should I deal with this? What can I say to her, without condemning her for abandoning her given faith? I appreciate any advice I can get, thank you.
Mesora: First of all, refrain from approaching her when she is in an emotional state of mind. I would also wait until she is on "your turf" in your home, when her support system is weakened. Then engage her in the following conversation: Ask her 'advice' about a "fictional" friend of yours. Ask her , "(her name) what do you think about this, friend's cousin is seeking a doctor for serious surgery. Should she take the first one who has the best reputation, or search a bit longer since there is no immediate urgency, and locate a doctor whose procedures make more sense?"
She will undoubtedly suggest that you seek a more rational doctor, as opposed to a more "popular" doctor. Upon her answer, tell her this is your situation. You have clung to a more "attractive" approach to religion, i.e.. Jesus, but you have abandoned a rational approach, which you have just confessed to me is your own ideal. You should now follow your own mind and approach YOUR religious values similarly, on what makes sense.
Now is when you must introduce her to the basis of what makes Judaism a provable, rational system, and expose Christianity as a baseless, blind fait system which has no rational foot to stand on.
Read our article "Why Be Observant" so you have the basic arguments to deliver to her. This will take your patience and determination, but with perseverance you can affect her to think rationally and abandon her blind faith Jesus.

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