Response to a young girls question on the difference between Judaism and Christianity:




1) Judaism's main idea is that there is knowledge and rational proof that there is only One Being, G-d, who has power, and this G-d is the Sole Creator of the entire universe, all of the planets, stars, the heavens, the Earth and the Moon. G-d created the world in 6 days, and nothing has ever been created afterwards.

Anything which man creates is not creation out of nothingness like what G-d did, but the re-forming of already existing matter. Like buildings from earth. The earth existed already, man just made it into bricks, and then into buildings.

G-d is the Only Being with any power to do such a creation. Man has no power other than what his muscles and his machines can accomplish.


2) Judaism holds of the view that G-d gave a system of life to man to live by, which is called the Torah. In it, are all of the laws, such as not taking revenge, not killing, respecting people, eating Kosher, praying to G-d for whatever you need, and so on. Since G-d created man, it is rational for man to follow what G-d says in this Torah, because if G-d knows man best, G-d is the best Being to take advice from on how to live our lives.

There was an event which is historically proven, the giving of this Torah on Mount Sinai by G-d to the Jews. All religions hold this event to have happened without doubt. Judaism requires that every person learn and know this proof.


3) The ideas of the Torah are all rational. Nothing is based on mere belief. Just "believing" requires no rational or thinking process. G-d gave only man a mind. No other being has a mind. This is not the flesh part of man called the brain. The mind is the part of man which is not physical. With it, man makes his decisions about what is true or false.

G-d desired that man use this mind to make his decisions, but even more, G-d desired that mankind use this mind to learn just for the sake of curiosity, like you are doing by asking these questions.

Man (and woman) have the ability to know when something is true or false.



4) G-d did not create other religions. Only Judaism. The reason being, that since there is only one type of man, there can only be one type of best life (religion) for mankind to live by.

An example of this is that whenever a person gets a certain disease, it doesn't matter if the person is black or white, an Eskimo or an Italian, a short man or a tall woman, a child or an adult, ......each one of these people will be cured by the same exact medication or operation.

The reason: There is only one type of man-two legs, two eyes, one heart, 2 lungs, etc. This is the physical part of man.

Just like the physical part of man is the same for everybody, so also the psychological part, (the mind) is the same. Every human being has hate, love, jealousy, anger, sadness, happiness, and so on. Just like if you cut anybody's skin they bleed, so also, if you hurt anyone's feelings, they are sad.

Since everyone is the same, G-d only created one system for mankind to follow. This is the Torah. Later on other religions started to be created by man. These religions were not created by G-d. Some people feel they were, but they only rely on belief that this is true. There are no proofs that other religions are designed by G-d.

Anyone who wishes can follow the Torah which G-d designed and gave to man. Anyone.

It is then a rational conclusion that the best life for man is what G-d created, and not what man created, as man makes mistakes, and G-d never makes mistakes.

With our minds, we have the ability to know what is correct and true. No one will ever think that 2+2=5.  No matter if 1,000,000 people say 2+2=5, we know they are wrong, because we can use our minds to prove that 2+2=4.

Proof is what Judaism is based on.


5) Judaism believes that since G-d gave only man a mind, and no other animal, therefore G-d desires that man should use this mind, and not just rely on his emotions.


Christianity believes that Jesus actually IS G-d.

Christianity believes that you do not need proof, but just faith. They believe that religion is not like science which must be proved. All you have to do is believe, and that is the highest level according to Christianity.

Christianity believes that man can have powers like G-d.

Christianity believes that Jesus died for everyone's sins.

Christianity does not require that a follower must use his mind.


1) The difference between Judaism and Christianity is that Judaism is a system which has been proved to have been given by the Creator of the universe. Christianity relies on faith.

2) Judaism knows that there is only One powerful being in the universe, Christianity says there are 3.

3) Judaism says that you can only pray to G-d, Christianity says you can pray to a man.

4) Judaism relies on proof, Christianity relies on belief alone without proof.

5) Judaism is designed by G-d, Christianity was developed by man.

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